If your goal in your article marketing is just to gain backlinks to your site, then you can focus slightly less on the quality of your content. The main goal in this type of article marketing is to be unique so that your content helps drive up your search engine rankings.

Writing a series of related articles can be a great way to get the most out of your article marketing efforts. Of course every article should encourage your readers to find more of your writing, but a series has its own particular kind of powerful cross-promotion. Each installment of an article series acts as an advertisement for the series as a whole.

Ezines are one of the best publishing platforms to use for an article marketing campaign. Review an ezine's terms of service before you send it your first article, and go back to check it for changes regularly if you continue sending it material.

Do you want to try article marketing, but aren't sure where you should start? In this article, we'll give you the tips you need to start article marketing and to make sure that your efforts flourish.

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By Alexander Fox

Here is a list of exactly 7 Reasons Why SEO is essential for business

#1. SEO improves your online visibility

Having your website appear on the first page's top three search results is every business owner's dream. An even bigger dream would be to appear on most search results for different keywords directly related to your business. SEO does exactly this, increasing your online visibility by high percentages, which mean more potential clients will visit your website.

#2. Increases your business's credibility

Most people judge the credibility of a company by how high it ranks on search engine results. SEO, therefore, helps your website gain the trust of many potential clients because they judge its high ranking as a vote of confidence by search engines.

#3. SEO helps you learn your clients

Google Analytics is a tracking tool that analyzes the traffic that is generated by SEO. The data and metrics it provides give you insight into who your customers are in regards to their search behavior. You will learn, for example, the terms they use while searching, their location, what technology they apply, when they're most active, etc. You can use this information to strategize in your business and make informed decisions.

#4. Helps you advertise subtly

With SEO, you do not have to be aggressive in promoting your business. SEO does half the job for you. It brings your clients right to where you are (your website), and you don't even have to convince them that they want your products or services, because, in essence, they were looking for those products and services. Therefore, your job is just to convince them that you are the best dealer or service provider for them. But as said before, with high rankings, you've already won their trust.

#5. Helps you build and grow your brand

SEO helps accelerate your branding campaign. When clients visit your site, order your products/services and gain familiarity with your business, they will naturally tell others about you, who will do the same.

#6. SEO improves your offline business

Potential clients today are searching for products and services online, with physical locations where they can get them offline. Seeing as your website acts as an always-present sales person, optimizing it for search engines helps this process along by attracting valuable traffic to it and, therefore, driving your offline business.

#7. SEO acts as a long-term solution for your business

If done right, SEO can have your website ranking so high that even if after some time you stop using it, your site will continue ranking highly on search engine results for years. However, it is best to see SEO as an investment for your business and continue using it as a permanent marketing strategy for your business.

Now that you know the Reasons Why SEO is essential for business, what are you waiting for!? The returns are good, and you won't be disappointed.

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