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Expert Author Anne O'Dwyer

I have just learnt something different, I have been writing articles for several years but now I have written a book and self-published it on "create space", a self-publishing platform.

This morning I had a pleasant surprise, a copy of my book arrived by post for me to proof read. It is a paper-back with a lovely glossy cover, full of crisp white pages. To hold a real book that I have created is quite an exciting moment. I would like to share with you how you can do it too.

First you need your "story" as a PDF file. You can then format it yourself, or use "Fiverr", for a small fee, depending on the size of the manuscript; I was very happy with the work done for me, or you can have it done professionally by create space.

Create space the self publishing site I chose has many videos on YouTube explaining how to perform the various tasks required. You are able to design a cover if you wish using their free tool, which I found fun to use and easy when I got the hang of it and I love the results. Or once again you can have one designed for you.

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