By Sally Ormond

You're doing alright as an internet marketer.

Your blog is getting loads of visits, which means there are loads of people hanging around your website.

That's great, but are you getting any benefit from them?

Are they sharing your posts?

Are they taking a look around your website?

Are they signing up for your RSS feed or newsletter?

No, they're not.

Ah, that's a problem.

Having loads of traffic coming to your site makes your visiting analytics look great, but if that traffic is then just leaving without having interacted in any way shape or form, what's the point of it?

The problem is you're not asking them to do anything.

They arrive, they look, they go. Unless you say "oi, how about signing up to my RSS feed or newsletter?" they're not going to do anything.

It's true.

So how do you do that?

Boosting your sign ups

The best place to start is by adding a passing comment along those lines (but far more politely) in your blog posts.

Add a footnote, or something in your author's bio that lets them know you offer a newsletter, what it usually contains and how often it's sent along with a call to action to get them to sign up.

You should also be utilising your social media channels. They can be a great way to boost your sign ups. Send a tweet out or Facebook update before the next issue of your newsletter goes out urging people to sign up so they don't miss out. If you've hit a milestone (such as your 100th newsletter), shout about it.

When it comes to giving your blog a boost, if you write a series of articles announce it through social media. In fact, every blog post you publish should also go out through Facebook or Twitter. As your readers get to like you more (or want to keep up with that series of articles you've written) they'll subscribe to your RSS feed so they don't miss out.

Of course, then there's the good old-fashioned call to action. Make sure these are liberally dotted about, especially at the end of a really hot blog post. You know the ones - they've been attracting loads of traffic for days or weeks, so make the most of that exposure by placing a sign up call to action at the end.

By following these simple steps you'll see your subscription numbers soar, boosting your exposure and reputation.

Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting, is a professional copywriter, SEO website copywriter and advertising copywriting with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C markets.

To have a chat about how she can help you send an email to or call +44(0)1449 779605.

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