The web has actually brought us numerous terrific things including streaming music, online shopping, bill pay and many more such applications. One point that I feel is typically ignored but extremely important is digital books. Specifically e-books in the non fiction/self-improvement disciplines.

Just as there are numerous fantastic artists that will certainly never ever attain notoriety- there are hundreds of wonderful writers that will never attain that one big publication offer. Many thanks to the internet and e-books-- we can access the minds of these terrific writers. One typical misconception is that if the tome was any good it would have gotten published by a major publisher. This is simply not true. When indeed it actually is, the publisher might really feel that the information is not valuable. There could be numerous various other reasons the e-book writer does not get a big publication deal... just don't allow that to stop you from missing out on some excellent info at a terrific cost.

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OK, you've finally written your eBook! Great, now what do you do with it? As an author who focuses on the web, instead of print, you have many options. Many independent writers today are using Amazon and Lulu to publish print on books (PDF versions) or do their own DIY publishing. So, which approach should you take? It doesn't matter, they both are good choices.

If you are just getting started, it's best that you list your eBook for sale on both and the Amazon Kindle Store. The primary reason for this is that by placing your eBooks on multiple sites you can target a wider audience and maximize your earnings. But the questions still beg, which one should I use? Is it better to market my books more on Amazon than with Lulu? Which site can I make more money? Don't stop reading; the answer is just a few paragraphs away.

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