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If you don't have the time, investments or skills to

build a website that will make you money, a good

alternative would be to start a free blog. Blogging has

several benefits and features which include:

- Is totally FREE.

- Easy to manage... you just have to post and publish.

- Blogs are automatically optimized for search engines.

- Blogs get spidered quickly by search engines...and more
frequently than websites.

- If you have a website, blogging can be considered as
extra useful content for it.

- You can sell advertising space in your blog. A lot of

sites, will pay you to display their ads in your blog.

Refer to my post about that here:

- Keeps you in touch with your customers on a deeper
level that surpasses that's of a website.

- Blogs can be syndicated and users can get an easier way
to stay in touch with your latest news/posts, by adding
you to their favourites.

- You Do Not Need To Know HTML

Some Quick Very Useful Strategies To Drive Traffic To

Your Blog:

- Ping, and other search

engines, whenever you post new content.

- Set Your Blog To display full RSS feeds, and submit

your feeds and your blog, to major feed directories

online. A good place to start is:

- Tag your posts with technorati tags... Also participate

with and register your blog there

- Burn your feeds with .... This is an

amazing service that has lots of benefits

- Participate in blog communities like: bloggerforum,

9rules, digitalpoint forums...etc. Put your url in the

signature of each forum and your outgoing emails.

- Optimize your posts and links with strong keywords

- Write articles and submit them to good directories and

ezines... don't forget to put your blog's url in the

author's resource box.

- Exchange links, but do it carefully....try to aim for

blogs of pageranks better or equal yours... use your

strong keywords as the clickable links that takes

visitors to your blog..

- Maximize your results by applying detailed instructions

made for bloggers, in resources like: Blogging for


and/or: Blogging to the Bank:

....... Both are

very useful resources and courses, with several tips and

"how tos", that will set you up in the right track, to an

amazing business with your blog.

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