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Now a days people like to read reviews of products on social media websites before making purchases. They also look at the social media pages before deciding upon a purchase. You will find various queries posted by interested people on SM websites. People expect quick answers to their queries. Social media is an effective and economical tool for both business and customers. One of the advantages for a customer is that queries are likely to be answered as they are publicly visible. In order to win the social media battle, the following steps can be followed:

Ask for feedback- Towards the end of your updates, you can ask for feedback. This will create a good impression among the customers that you are active and willing to interact. This will create an impression that you care for your customers.

Give prompt replies- Taking long time in answering the queries of customers will create a negative perception. Host analytics tools like HootSuite, ZenDesk or SproutSocial can utilized for minimizing the time needed in giving response. These tools automatically send all the answers.It is concerned better to send response within twenty four hours.

Keep answers of FAQs ready- You will either get a positive comment or a negative remark. To positive reviews, answers like thank you could be given. To a negative review, a thank you along with solution can be given. In reply to public complaints, you can apologize. By thanking the customers, you can win over them.

Behave in a courteous manner- It takes strength and honesty to acknowledge your mistakes. So instead of making excuses or placing our faults on others it is better to accept the mistakes and try to rectify them. Only by finding solutions, you can improve your shortcomings.

Be professional while making updates- In order to impress the customers you have to use professional language in postings. Spelling mistakes, poor language and grammatical errors have to be avoided. Like newspapers and magazines, you have to use impressive and sophisticated language.

Show your lighter side in the social media campaign- You can bring the human touch to your campaign by discussing things like weddings, birthdays, parties in social media campaigns.

After going through the above information, you would have learnt a great deal about the ways to handle the customers effectively on social media. By following the above mentioned strategies, you will definitely succeed in your goals.

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