By Wendy Chamberlain

Social networking sites continue to be widely used by private individuals and organizations today. They also get updated every now and then the reason why users need to update their security settings on their preferred platforms on a regular basis.

Apart from changing passwords, there are now tools you can use to protect social and other online accounts whether you're using a computer or mobile device. Here are some of them you can use.

Intrusion Detection System

Installing an intrusion detection system is recommended particularly for mobile devices. This app can effectively detect suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your various accounts online.

The LogDog app for Android is one such system that keeps watch of your online accounts round the clock. It alerts users every time somebody attempts to access one of your accounts. Currently, the app works with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!, Dropbox and Evernote among others. More social platforms will be added in the future.

Password Manager

While you already have passwords for your different social accounts, using a password manager is a must for better protection. Use LastPass or 1Password which helps ensure online security and does not even require you to log in to your accounts every time. These apps features a random password generator that enables social media users to come up with strong and secure passwords when they register to new sites.

LastPass works on Android and iOS devices. It can also be downloaded as a browser extension for use on Windows or Mac OS. 1Password, on the other hand, is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Social Media Management System

A social media management system will help you manage access to your personal or company's social accounts. This tool works by giving employees or team collaborators access to your social accounts without providing sensitive information about your account. Examples of this are Hootsuite and SproutSocial.

If you have an IT staff managing your social accounts, it is a good idea to let them regularly change your passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

On Facebook, you can use the Login Approval feature. It helps control access to your Facebook page and will prompt your page admins to enter a special security code every time they access your page whether using a computer, a new browser or mobile device.

Manage Privacy Settings

Be sure to learn how to adjust your default privacy settings on every social networking site. Be particular about permissions as it will help you control the people who can see and comment on your posts. This applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Install Antivirus Software

An antivirus software on your computer and mobile devices should also not be taken for granted. It will protect you against malware, viruses and other online threats. There are many of this type to choose from today.

But take note that it's not enough to simply install them because you also need to update them regularly to keep up with the latest threats.

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