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April 12, 2007

Volume 06 - issue 15


Grand Opening!

DL&M Advertising and Marketing Store

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** Publisher Notes


I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I know I did. Having
a little one around made it even better. Watching him
roll around and "attack" the plastic Easter eggs :).

I need a favor...

Can someone go over to the new store and make a purchase?
I need to see if the shopping cart works and what happens when
the purchase has been finished.

I will refund your purchase unless you tell me to do otherwise.

Have you seen the new 7 day Advertising Package? If not, you've
GOT to check it out... here's all you get for $30.00!

Your ad blasted to over 2 million blogs - 7 times
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Your ad blasted to over 800000 safelists - 7 times

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You can find this week's issue of The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine at

Have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood publisher,

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