SnapChat for Business

We all know that SnapChat is the NEWEST thing out there, right?

But, do YOU know how to put the potential of using SnapChat for business to work for you?  There are MILLIONS of people SnapChat'ting RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!  How would you like to get a piece of THAT action???  Of course you would!

The History of Using SnapChat for Business

Snapchat is an ideal application that can be useful for carrying out marketing on social media platforms.  With it, you can allow the audience to directly watch events happening in real time.

It is different than other apps because all videos and photos that a person takes appear for only a brief time, and then disappear forever. Because of this feature, the app is quite ephemeral in nature. However, "snaps" can be taken and then the user can save them in the form of pictures.

Finally, although SnapChat was only launched in 2011, in the 6 short years that it has been live, millions of people have sent millions of these "snaps" daily.

SnapChat vs. Slingshot

Did you know that at one time, Facebook offered to acquire SnapChat for a whopping US $ 3 billion? The offer was turned down, so Facebook decided to come up with something called Slingshot.     In conclusion, Slingshot was Facebook's attempt to compete with Snapchat.

Do you remember Slingshot? I don't either... hence, this attempt failed miserably.

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