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Jan Emo

Michelle,Love the service you offer your clients. You’re dependable and reliable. Very Professional. I would recommend your services to any one and am happy doing business with you. Keep up the great work.–Jan Emo

Roxanne Rust

Hi Michelle,You run a very professional Business. I have placed a lot of ads with many other companies, but yours (24kt) by far is the Best! You are very personal with your customers and your Website is Great. Every time I run a Solo ad I get great results! I get new signups in my Business each and every time I run an ad with you, and your prices are Fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help.–Roxanne Rust
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Jeffrey A. Solochek

Michelle,It was great talking to you just now on the phone. I love your ezine, the format, and the way you display your contact info. You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.–Jeffrey A. Solochek
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Chris Fondie

Hey Michelle,

This is chris fondie..
I just recieved a copy of my ad..
Everything looks great…
I thinks I already recieved a sign up for my biz
thanks to your services.. So I am very happy..
Here is a copy of the ad you sent me.. Keep it excactly
the way it is and thanks again for all of your help..

Subject line: “NO BRAINER”- $1000’s Paid Out WEEKLY!

Ad body: Hi Chris,

Guaranteed opportunity,

– Zero dollars to start
– Only 10 buck after the trial
– Monthly income 4 life $3905, $9330 , or more
– Exciting bonuses
– You can start in minutes and pay nothing
– Only opportunity where you can profit before you pay
one red cent
– Fully automated
– Complete tool box
– All guaranteed, RED HOT

Our Company is:

Government regulated,
Highly recommended from all bureaus
A member of the DSA
Fastest growing company (ranked #37 globally)
Experts Say: this company is biggest that industry ever witnessed
Totally global, 180 countries and 8 languages

For complete information on your personal invitation, Click the link…

Again, it will NOT cost you anything to start.

To Your Success,

This is excactly how I wanted the ad to look…
Thanks Again…

Chris Fondie
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