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May 19, 2005
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Theodore Rubin:
    Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition
    of this is the beginning of wisdom.
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 ** Feature Article
   Here's To Think On ...
       by Ken Darby
       Do You Have Foot In The Mouth Disease?
As Morris and his wife Sherry were planning a vacation. They
ended up in an argument, "It's 'Hawaii', I'm telling you!"
Sherry said.
"I never KNEW someone so stubborn! 'Havaii' is how it's pro-
nounced!" he replied.
And so it went all the way to the vacation...
As they got off the airplane, they passed a man. Morris
abruptly stopped the wife and turned to the man to ask, "Now
that we're on the island, you can settle an argument between
my wife and me. Is this 'Hawaii' or 'Havaii?'"
"This is Havaii," the man replied.
"Ha!" the husband gloated to his wife. "See, didn't I tell
you never to argue with me?" As they began to walk away,
Morris turned back and gave the man a hearty "Thank you!"
"You're Velcome!" he called back.

Does the condition sound familiar? I've been there so
many times I finally learned to see it coming and now
avoid it.
Yet I am still surprised when I see it developing elsewhere.
It seems there is a contest between man and wife and for
some unknown reason it appears important to each of
them that they win. How can that be? Are they not in love?
Are they not together in all things? What is happening here?
I know that when my wife and I used to participate in this
silly game it was as if we were opponents. Further, it was
a signal of a deeper rift, one where each of us was not
paying enough loving attention to each other. I see that
to be true wherever I see this game being played.
I rarely see two of the same sex competing this way,
although it happens. It would show up as petty little
rivalries between close friends, but usually their
interests are different. It seems to happen more
often between men and women who are in a close
relationship. It is called the game of "One Upmanship"
and if allowed to continue usually costs each
participant a great deal of happiness, joy
and contentment.
I call it the "Foot In The Mouth Disease". It is emblematic
of one who seeks to be first. It shows an ego that is vying
for attention rather than a loving soul who wishes nothing
but the best for their partner.
Think on these things. They can be subtle signals of
deeper difficulties in a relationship.
It is easy to stop, if you can get control of that little gremlin
inside that spurs you on to what you hope will be victory.
It is an ego trip based on some poorly concocted notion
you are somehow inferior to your partner. The game
never develops unless each partner has the same notion.
So get into an open and frank discussion about it with
your partner, one day when you are far away from having
one of those little battles. If both of you recognize the issue
you can set up little signals that will let each of you know what
you are doing when the next one comes along. That way
you can reduce the battles and maybe even eliminate them.
So ask yourself...Do You Have Foot In The Mouth Disease?
Ken Darby authors many articles found in newspapers
and magazines throughout North America. He is the author or
The Saga Of Pinehill, The Adventure, ISBN 1-4137-4723-X
now available through your favorite bookstore.
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
DrNunley's Biz-Tips
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2. Turn your drama into a benefit. When a person is worried
their product will go unnoticed, I offer them a press
release to thousands of interested media.
3. Even if you have lots of benefits to share with
customers, try to focus on just two or three. Make sure
your benefits are believable. Sometimes a less fantastic
claim will convince more people.
4. Think of ways to get attention. With so many ads and
commercials, there is lots of competition for the public's
attention. Rather than trying to make your ad exciting,
focus on having an interesting offer.
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