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       December 16, 2004
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** Quote of the Week!
December 13, 2004   
" If you have the ability to reach, the top is always vacant."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Yasir Khan --- Punjab, Pakistan
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 ** Top Article
    Here's To Think On ...
       by Ken Darby

       Enthusiastic Parenting!

A father had three very active boys.
One summer evening, he was playing cops and robbers
in the back yard after dinner.
One of the boys "shot" his father and yelled,
"Bang!  You're dead!"
He slumped to the ground and when he didn't get
up right away, a neighbor ran over to see if he had
been hurt in the fall.
When the neighbor bent over, the overworked father
opened one eye and said,
"Shhh.  Don't give me away.  It's the only chance I've
had to rest all day."

Over the years I have had the privilege of watching parents
raise their children in many different ways. Being a parent
myself I know, first hand, how tiring it can be.
I saw my wife get up with the kids when they were babies.
She would get up at all hours of the night. That was our
indoctrination to the idea that parenting was a 24/7 job.
Later, when the kids were a little older we would take turns
looking after their needs. We noticed that with children,
everything is immediate. Everything is really good or
really drastic in the now. Their vision and patience into
the future doesn't exist.
Then we arrived at a time where they were a little self
reliant. That was the time when we had to make
decisions to do things with them or let them go out
and get into whatever all the other kids were doing.
What with drugs about, we decided we wanted to be
with our kids, play with them, know how they were,
what they were doing. We didn't want that because
we owned them. We wanted to have fun with them at
every stage of their life.
So we played, day and night with our kids. What they
wanted to do we wanted to do. What a wonderful reward
kids are. We had a great time with our kids, but then
we were enthusiastic parents.
We got through the teens, when the kids are no longer
little boys or little girls, and neither are they adults.
When I look on parents today going through those
years, I wonder how it was that we made it successfully.
Yet I see that the more parents are involved with their
kids the better the kids do in school, in life, socially and
emotionally. Strange as it seems it appears too, that
the busier a youngster is in sports, music, clubs, the
better they do in school.
I've seen, too, the parent who does nothing. They don't
want to be bothered by a child, so they give them some
money and tell them to go to the store. As these kids
grow to be teens these are the ones who head into trouble.
Parenting is a never ending job, and 24/7 for the rest
of your life. I recommend making it fun. Parenting can
be a joy when you practice  - - -
Enthusiastic Parenting
Ken Darby authors many articles found in newspapers
and magazines throughout North America
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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby
            Tip of the Day
Back and Forth
The "Back and Forward" buttons on the browser toolbar enable you
to move back and forth along the link pathway without having to
manually retrace your steps.
Every link is a two-way street, and your Web browser keeps track
of where you've been and what links you followed to get there.
Links have two ends called anchors. The end you come from is the
source anchor, and the end you go to is the destination anchor.
If you're using the Back and Forward buttons, a particular Web
page can be the destination anchor at one moment and suddenly
become the source anchor the next moment -- it's all relative,
depending on the direction you're going.
However, if you link to another web page from the one you're on,
and you want to go back to the page you were on, Back and Forward
may not work. The buttons might be "dimmed" and if you click on
them nothing happens.
What has happened is that the link you opened did not replace the
page you were on, but opened a new page. Now you have two pages
open. Check your Task Bar and you will see two instances of your
Web Browser Icons.
If you wish to leave the new page open, click on the first
instance on your task bar. If you don't, simply close the page
you are on, and the original page pops back up.

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** Bottom Article
The virus that could help a hacker succeed online by taking advantage of you - my true story
Copyright© 2004 by SteveDimeck
 Do you know there’s a brand new computer
virus that can get into your computer without you knowing
even if you have AntiVirus and AntiSpyware installed? And
when you try to get rid of it, it totally wrecks your
I didn’t know until a few days ago. On Thursday, the 25th
of November (Thanksgiving), my computer was infected by a
virus that literally took control of my web browser and
wrecked my machine when I tried to get rid of it.
Let me tell you what happened...
After we were all done with our Thanksgiving dinner, I went
online to do some quick research for my next article. But
instead, I stayed up all night battling a virus from hell!
Shortly after I got online, my Norton Antivirus and my
adware/spyware removal software Spyware Doctor, started
going wild with notifications of a virus presence in my
I immediately stopped doing what I was doing and got
Spyware Doctor to scan my hard drive. Before long, it gave
me a report about 196 infected files with Trojan and some
other types of adware/spyware virus residing on my hard
I was shocked when I saw that. Just the day before the
computer was fine!
So then, I spent hours going through the whole procedure of
removing the virus from my hard drive … and soon it was
clean. Or so I thought...
Here’s what the virus was doing:
Everything looked normal. If you don’t know much about
website development, you may never notice that something
was wrong. And that’s really dangerous, because anything
can happen once your system is infected!
As I continued with my research, I noticed something very
strange. Many of the links that I clicked on, led me to one
particular website that was filled with hundreds of
different affiliate programs and products.
Regardless of what website I would look at, every single
website had these links placed on specific key words and
phrases, such as: money, internet marketing, data, webhost,
home based business, business opportunity, work, and
others. And all of the links would take me to this website
with the hundreds of products. That was very unusual.
But when I looked at my website, much to my surprise I saw
the same links on my site!
I couldn’t believe it! The links did not exist in my html.
But where were these links coming from?
It’s my website. I wrote those webpages! I didn’t put those
links there. And yet when I looked at the website the links
were there.
I called my sister and I asked her if she was seeing the
same thing on her computer as I was seeing on my computer.
She looked at my website and told me that she wasn’t seeing
any of those additional links, other than my usual links.
That made me realize that something was wrong with my
computer. I saved the file that I was typing for my next
article so I could devote my attention to finding a
solution for this problem. A strange thing happened as soon
as I hit the save button. The file reformatted itself.
Hyperlinks were placed on all of the key words (as I
already mentioned some) that were found in the file. But
who placed those links?
When I clicked on the link, it took me to the same page
with the hundreds of products. I got very scared because I
felt like I was losing control of my computer. From my
previous experience (but not as extreme), I’ve learned that
the virus always stays in touch with the hacker’s server,
constantly transferring information about my activities
gathered from the registry.
This looked like a very serious virus. So I immediately
unplugged my Internet connection. This way, the hacker was
no longer going to be able to pull information from my
registry, and I was going to face the virus without any
additional input by the hacker.
But regardless. I lost the battle. For THREE FULL DAYS I
tried to remove the virus, but without any luck..
The Spyware Doctor narrowed it down to one trouble file,
which was a type of Trojan that existed in my System32
directory. The Trojan was renaming itself every few seconds
by randomly selected names.
Norton Antivirus said that this type of Trojan gave no
visual indication that my computer had been infected. It
was dropping a copy of itself with a randomly named
executable file.
Every time the Spyware Doctor would find the Trojan, it was
unable to locate it and it couldn’t remove it. That’s
because the Trojan already had a different name.
Also, what I found out was that I was never looking at my
Internet Explorer browser. I thought I was, but I wasn’t. I
found a Java Script that was taking the source code from
any website that I would go to, reformat it by adding the
links to the selected key words and then display the new
code in another window that was being generated by a remote
My original browser window was getting killed and I was
looking at a cloned window with inserted links. That was
happening with such speed that I didn’t even notice it
because of my fast Internet connection (cable modem).
After I unplugged the Internet connection, my computer was
no longer functioning properly. I couldn’t access my
“windows explorer” window any more, I couldn’t open my
Internet Explorer window and I lost control over many other
But each time I would turn the Internet modem back on, my
computer would start to work fine. Only, the Spyware Doctor
would give me a notification that over 40 dangerous files
were immediately being downloaded into my hard drive.
The Trojan virus that I couldn’t remove because of its
re-naming capability was probably staying in touch with the
hacker’s server. So I switched the Internet connection off
for the last time and I shut down the computer.
Right now as I’m writing this, I don’t have a computer at
home because I gave it to a technician to reformat the hard
drive and try to save as many files as possible. I’m
writing this from another computer and I'm really worried
that none of my files will be saved... that will mean
months of work down the drain!
I have since learned that my antivirus and anti-spyware
software would not protect me against the Trojan threat. I
needed a firewall to protect me, and make sure my computer
was invisible online.
Please, don't let this happen to you! Install a firewall on
your computer so you can make your IP address invisible to
As I'm finishing this article two weeks after the virus
attack, my Norton Firewall is working at full force. Every
time a hacker tries to send Trojan files to my hard drive
behind my back, a window in the bottom right corner pops us
notifying me of the dangerous executable files being
blocked from entering my hard drive.
I lost over 90% of my files but I've learned my lesson the
hard way.
Steve Dimeck.
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