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       December 16, 2004

Are You Spending Too Much By Not Knowing The Right Answers?
I came across this fun little eBay Quiz and thought you
might like to give your eBay knowledge a little test. It's
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 ** Top Article
 Do you know enough to know, that you still do not know enough?
The world of technology and the world of business are constantly
merging ideas, new ventures, home-based business trends, and
commerce. This makes our lives just a little bit easier. 
Human nature tells us that we want everything easy and now. 
Instant gratification seekers (all humans) are the advent, of the
ever evident daily human interaction with the developing Dotcom
Era and the World Wide Web. Did you order a pizza online ten
years ago?  Could you pay your utility bills or do your banking online
ten years ago?
One short decade ago these daily tasks of life were simply unheard
of to do with a computer.  They hadnít even existed in the majority
of the world population.  Even the most tech savvy civilizations just
did not see it. 
Did you know that the first ever officially public email was sent by
Ray Tomlinson in 1971? Ray Tomlinson, an engineer at a computer
company called Bolt, Beranek and Newman, in Cambridge
Massachusetts, USA, conducted an experiment to see if he could
get two computers to exchange a message. 
It was Ray Tomlinson who decided to use the @ symbol to separate
the recipientís name from the location of the computer at the other
end.  The first ever email message by Mr. Tomlinson was
To illustrate the rapid growth of the internet since then, In
December 2002 the USA made the record books of having over 160
million users online and the world total was around 665 million
users.  Wow, what a rapid growth rate.
 We never saw it coming.  All of a sudden, itís here, its now, and
 itís the greatest trend that will ever have such impact on all of
 human activity since the dawn of time.
 Just as human nature has a tendency to basically never change,
 the principles of business basically never change.  Traits of a
 successful business include a win/win/win deal, Online or offline.
 Any successful business must have a valuable, useful product or
 service.  The end consumer must receive tangible or intangible
 value and solutions related to the amount of money exchanged.
 The person or business that brings the two together must be
 financially compensated for doing so.
 This process creates a Win for the Supplier, a Win for the end
 user, and a Win for the
 provider/salesman/retailer/affiliate/webmaster/etc... This is how
 our economy works. This is how it has always worked since the
 first transaction has ever taken place.
 Regardless of how technology helps us refine our methods of
 completing this process, these basic principles of commerce will
 never change.  Peter Drucker once said: "A business exists, to
 create a customer, if the customer (end user) does not exist.  The
 business will never get off the ground."
If you own a business, what does a customer mean to you;
someone that needs what you have and willing to pay you to get
their hands on it?  How do you define the word Customer? 
What is a customersí value to you, your business, and our
economy?  What is the customersí value to your business over the
lifetime of your business and/or the lifetime of your customer? 
These are the questions you must ask of yourself as a business
owner, on a daily basis.  They must always be in the forefront of
your daily operations.
 If you cannot answer these questions to yourself with confidence
 and assure yourself that you truly offer a valuable product or
 service, something that creates a lasting, productive, business to
 consumer relationship, then you will not benefit from the
 technology of the internet in your business.
This scenario, once proven to be effective, in defining a need and
filling that need, can be duplicated.  As long as you have thoroughly
defined the need, you have created a customer, a marketplace;
droves of people lined up willing to purchase what you have to
"Single file please" If there are droves of people lining up to
purchase what you have, how do we know who gets service or
attention from you when they need it the most? (When they are
ready to be instantly gratified by doing business with you)  ???
 You must have an effective way of politely asking your prospective
 customers to line up Single File!  You must have an organized way
 of communicating and educating your prospects about your wares. 
The first contact list was not some list of addresses bought or sold. 
The first contact list dates back to the very first, little black book and
the labor intense process of entering each individual into your little
black book, one meeting at a time and one person at a time.
The power of building and cultivating a responsive contact list was
evident long before the Internet was ever even thought of.  Direct
Marketers built contact lists of like minded people that were
particularly interested in a certain topic. (Single file lines) 
Some were lined up to buy magazine subscriptions.  Do you read
magazines? Have you ever received a letter from Publisherís
Clearinghouse? Ever even wonder how they got your name and
address?  Publisherís Clearinghouse is one of the most successful
direct mail marketers of all time. 
Why?  Because they knew early on in their business that it would be
wise to identify the magazine readers and line them up single file
into their contact list.  Then continuously "contact them" with offers
that they already knew were of interest to them. 
Would you like to be in the category of such a successful business? 
Well you can!  Just add your first contact!  Start building and
cultivating your contact list.  Can you imagine how many postage
stamps Publisherís Clearinghouse had to buy?
You are fortunate to not have to by any postage stamps
whatsoever.  You are living in the Era of the Email and the Dotcom. 
The advantage of owning your own computer allows you to have an
infinite little black book that will grow in value, to your business over
time.  Your contact list will appreciate over time, much like real
estate does.
Unless you are a franchise, your business did not come with an
ownerís manual. A majority of small and home-based business
owners are constantly struggling to handle the daily tasks of owning
and operating a business (profitably and satisfactorily), mainly
because they donít have an ownerís manual. 
In this article you have discovered two hugely demanded needs in
the marketplace of our economy.  There is a huge need for
guidance and direction in the daily operations of almost every single
business in the world.
Most businesses are run by hands on, reacting to situations that
arise, as opposed to the proactive way, of defining every single
reaction ahead of time and recording the solutions for such future
The purpose of this article is to introduce to you, two of the most
highly demanded needs in any entrepreneurís life. You being the
entrepreneur, itís your duty to explore whyÖ
 You can be a veteran business person, or in the pre-start up stages
 of your business. It doesnít matter as long as you recognize the
 facts stated herein and affirm to yourself that:
"YOU do know enough to know, that you still do not know enough"      
By: The Resource Guy
"The World is my Resource.  The Computer/Internet is just how I
share My World with YOURS"
Michael P Wentworth Sr.
The ResourceGuy
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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby
Zip Files
A zip file is basically a "package" of one or more compressed files.
If you download software, you'll may run across these.  You'll need
an "unzipping" program in order to access them, something like
Winzip is a good choice.
Once unzipped, you simply run the install program (if there is one)
and you're all set.   Winzip will automatically run the installation
program for you if it finds one!
You can download Winzip from:
If you have Windows XP, you don't need a programójust double
click a zipped file to open it. A menu will appear from which you can
save individual files to your computer. Just click & drag or copy the
file you want and drop it in the desired location. It's that easy!
Also, in the left-hand column there is a link to "Extract all files". This
will open a wizard to guide you through the extraction process. You
can choose where you want the files to go.
And you thought unzipping was difficult. <Grin>.

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** Bottom Article
  Here's To Think On ...
       by Ken Darby

       Don't Take It Personal!
There was a feud between the Pastor and the Choir
Director of a Church.
It seems the first hint of trouble came when the Pastor
preached on "Dedicating Yourselves to Service" and
the Choir Director chose to sing: "I Shall Not Be Moved".
Trying to believe it was a coincidence, the Pastor
put the incident behind him.  The next Sunday he
preached on "Giving." Afterwards, the choir squirmed
as the director led them in the hymn: "Jesus Paid It
By this time, the Pastor was losing his temper.  Sunday
morning attendance swelled as the tension between the
two built.  A large crowd showed up the next week to hear
his sermon on "The Sin of Gossiping." Would you believe
the Choir Director selected the song: "I Love To Tell
The Story"?
There was no turning back.  The following Sunday the
Pastor told the congregation that unless something
changed, he was considering resignation.  The entire
church gasped when the Choir Director led them
in: "Why Not Tonight"?
Truthfully, no one was surprised when the Pastor resigned
a week later, explaining that Jesus had led him there and
Jesus was leading him away. The Choir Director could not
resist: "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."

Undoubtedly this feud developed only because the
preacher was taking everything personal. While you may
say no, consider this: when it becomes clear to an
adversary that he/she is getting to you they will automatically
continue, even when it is not their intent. It is an automatic
human response and it takes great self control to avoid it. It's
just human nature, animal nature too, for that matter.
Had the preacher not taken it personally, laughed it off and
even attempted to make a contest out of it he could have
used the Choir Directors determination against him. That is
what happens when you don't take things personal, you
maintain clear thinking and a clear head.
Your emotions will lead you down the garden path to self
destruction or poorer conditions. Only clear thinking will
keep you ahead and on your chosen path.
Do not believe your emotions. They will always take you
away from your truth. When you take things personal you
don't see clearly. You miss out on controlling the situation
and are controlled by it. Your reaction is based on no reason
other than personal feelings, emotion based, and therefore
not clear thinking.
The story above about the pastor reveals the pastor to have
child like reactions to the Choir Directors actions. The Choir
Director was wrong, too, but that is another story for another
day. The topic today is about not taking things personally.
The Pastor did, and lost.
Don't Take It Personal!
Ken Darby is the author of The Saga Of Pinehill, The Adventure.
It will be hitting the bookstores in early February. This is a bold
adventure story filled with life's lessons. Pre-order yours
today at your favorite bookstore. Ask for ISBN 1 - 4137 - 4723 - X
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Michelle Hoffmann
The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine

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