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    November 18, 2004


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 ** Publisher's Notes:

Welcome to all - current and new - subscribers to The
24 Karat Marketer!  Thank you for subscribing to our

Sorry this is late, time got away from me... one minute I was
sending my kids off to school on monday, the next they were
coming home on thursday! lol

The DL&M Surf4Traffic ( has
been down for a couple of days due to a script upgrade and a
database foulup.  I will be getting it back up soon (working
with the programmer right now)... yet another reason why this
is late going out. :(

Today's article is one that any of us who take payments on our
websites should take notice of.  Especially with the holidays
rolling around.

Oh next weels issue will probably not go out until Saturday or
Sunday (Nov 27 or 28) due to the Thanksgiving holidays being
on thursday.  And, my husband will be home until lat saturday,
so I will not be online much.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving (if you
celebrate it) and if you don't... well, I hope you also stay safe
and happy :)

Have a great week and God Bless!
Thank you!

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** Quote of the Week!

The first duty of the revolutionary is to get away with it.
-- Abbie Hoffman: (1936-____) US political activist

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 ** Feature Article

Don't Get Caught With Your Profits Down!

By Denise Hall (c) 2004

It's the busy season - the time of year when your customers
shop 'til they drop. As a business owner you're probably
happily enjoying the extra sales the holiday season brings.
Cha-ching! Cha-ching!


Uh-oh. "" just did a reverse
cha-ching... in your account! They charged you back because
a customer requested a refund.

It hurts having to give a refund, but it happens to all of
us occasionally. And as honest business owners, we want to
make our customers happy by offering a money-back guarantee
if they're not satisfied.

But did you know that customers who claim they never made
a purchase will, almost without a doubt, get a refund, no
questions asked?

And are you aware that many purchases, especially at this
time of year, are made with stolen credit cards?

It's sad but true. As the holiday rush comes upon us, and
even into January, the possibility for scams and fraud is
much greater than at any other time of the year. Internet
business owners are especially at risk for fraudulent
refund requests.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, we don't have a paper
credit card slip with the signature of the person who made
the purchase. And unlike brick and mortar stores we can't
ask for an ID to be sure the person buying the product is
the credit card owner.

But there are methods you can apply to help you avoid
being scammed. There are also steps you can take to recoup
your money if you become a victim of fraud. If you know the
inner workings of credit card and major Internet payment
companies, as well as the secrets that scam artists use to
claim false refunds, you can protect yourself.

Don't get caught with your profits down this holiday
season. Learn what you need to know to keep your profits in
your pocket where they belong. More information is
available (for fr'ee) here:


Denise Hall is the author of Get Inside the Minds of Scam
Artists! Discover the Tricks of Their Trade!, an e-book
written to help Internet business owners prevent and combat
customer fraud. Visit here for more information:

This article may be reprinted in its entirety with this
resource box included.

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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby

   Tip of the Day

Faster File Access

It seems that whenever we want to open a file in an application,
we have to scroll down the list of choices to find the one we
want. If you have a lot of files this can be a tedious task.
Well, there is a faster way.

Let's assume you are using Notepad (or any other program where
you need to open a file.  When you click on "Open" under "File"
you first have to select the folder you wish. Then, and here is
the nifty part, where you normally would enter the file name you
wish to open, enter the first couple of letters. The system will
find all files that match those letters and you can just select
the one you wish. When you get a little practice with this, you
can pretty much narrow it down to the one you want.

For example - I archive all our tips on our web site at:
and the name of the file is "tod.htm" - I enter "tod" and it
immediately finds the file.  I simply select that and open it.

The same holds true if you use the "Save As" command.


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