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    November 04, 2004


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** Quote of the Week!

November 3, 2004 

If you, your lips
Would save from slips
These things observe with care
Of whom you speak, to whom you speak
And how and when and where

If you, your ears
Would save from jeers
These things keep mildly hid
Myself and my and me or mine
And how I do or did
     -- Author Unknown

--- Submitted by James Johnston --- Texas
This was handwritten by my father when he was 84 years old
and given to me when I was about 20. I committed it to
memory and still remember it though I am 78. I don't have any
idea where he got it or who the author is. I do think it is
something we should all try to live by.

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 ** Feature Article

Blogs for Kids
by Sharon Housley

Flush out the writer in children. Blogging could draw out a
young writer and open doors to their future. Consider
encouraging your child to start blogging! 

Children love having an audience. The instant recognition
and approval that comes from a crowd just can't be beat.
Employing blogs to help develop good spelling habits,
grammar skills, and develop a love for writing at a young
age is an innovative concept that has potential benefits:

1.) Responsibility/Commitment - Daily Posts
Regular updates require children to be disciplined and

2.) Communication - Increased Communication with Friends and
Blogging or journaling gives children the opportunity to
connect with relatives who might live some distance away,
communicating important timely issues. 

3.) Technology - Exposure to Internet Technologies
Children are growing into technology-laden world. Exposure
to innovative Internet technology will help them with
communication skills and résumé-building. 

4.) Improved Writing Skills
When presented with an audience, children will want to
present their "best" work.

5.) Improved Editing Skills
Proofreading is an important skill that is difficult to
teach. Editing of daily entries will help children learn how
to present their ideas clearly and professionally. 

6.) Improved Spelling
Automated spell-checking helps children be aware of spelling
errors when they occur. 

7.) Typing
Getting children acquainted with keyboards at a young age
will help them become familiar with their layout and
function, quickly making them proficient typists. 

Resource for Blogging Information -

Because blogging involves the Internet, parents and teachers
should also take the opportunity to educate youngsters about
the dangers of the Internet. The Internet is global in its
reach and developing safe Internet habits at a young age is
critical. Remind children not to disclose personal
information including names, addresses or location of events
they plan to attend. 

Staying Safe Online -

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for the NotePage and FeedForAll product lines. Other sites by
Sharon can be found at , and 

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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby

Updating Windows

If you're running a newer version of Windows, you've probably
noticed the Windows Update item when you press your Start

Windows update is actually a neat feature. These updates take
care of bugs, security holes, and lots of other problems, and if
you are having problems, this may actually cure them!

If you don't have the little Windows Update item on your Start
menu, don't worry. You can still get up to date by following the
link below:


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