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    October 21, 2004


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 ** Publisher's Notes:

Welcome to all - current and new - subscribers to The
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I'm back :)  Unfortunately, while I was away, my mailer decided to
dump all of my queued mailings.  HOWEVER...... I had backups of
everything :)))  So, I just have a ton more work to do to get everything
back up to snuff.

So, I will keep this short so that I can get back to restoring the mailings...
It's great to be back :)

Please do a search so that I can keep this ezine f*ree?  (The cost
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** Quote of the Week!

October 18, 2004

" Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah. It makes absolutely no
difference, what people think of you."

--- Rumi

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 ** Feature Article

       So You Think You Know English!
       by Ken Darby

Most of us believe we have a good grasp on the English
language. I dare say that might be right. Give these a try.
Explain what they mean.

A bandage was wound around the wound.
This farm was used to produce produce.

This dump was so full it had to refuse more refuse.

Polish the Polish furniture.

Do not decide to desert your dessert in the desert.

No time like the present, so he decided to present the present.

A picture of a bass was on a bass drum.

Suddenly, the dove dove.

Do not object to the object.

If you're too close to the door you can't close it.

A pig farmer taught his smartest sow how to sow seeds.

A number of Novocain injections makes you number.

The tear in the picture made the owner shed a tear.

A cop must subject the subject to questions.

A seamstress and a sewer fell into the sewer.

It seems to me, we, all of us, assume we are saying the
right things. Yet how many of us put ourselves into the
shoes of a new immigrant, to see if they would understand
what we are saying.

For some reason the English language has within it
several hundreds of words that have more than one
common meaning. These words are spelled the same, but
often mean something altogether different in different

And we expect our readers to understand! We expect
them to draw conclusions from context, where we should
have written so clear they could understand from what
we wrote.

Ahh! the life of a politician. Often they say things right, but
then the press gets hold of it, puts a spin on it, and it comes
out different. It will come out different, too, when you look
at the same piece again three days later.

This happens because your moods affect how you interpret
what your senses give you. It takes training, to overcome
what our emotions would have us believe, and see things
as they factually are.

Don't feel bad. English is not the only language with these
kinds of difficulties. The point here, however, is that you
cannot always assume your audience knows what you
mean. Think clearly when writing and try placing yourself
in the shoes of up to six others, whom you know might
have a problem with what you are saying.

That way your chances of making your writing clear to
your reader becomes a lot better.

So You Think You Know English!

Ken Darby writes articles, books and other material
helping people achieve their goals.
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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby

     Tip of the Day

Hard Drive Space

To see how much hard drive space you have left, open the My
Computer icon on your desktop (or under the Start menu for XP
users) and right-click the drive you are want to know about (for
most people, this would be their C: drive, but this trick works
with any drive, including floppies. If you try this with a CD (or
CD-R) it will show full-even if it isn't.

Select Properties from the resulting menu. You could also hold
down the Alt key and double click the drive you want to open

You'll get a nifty little pie chart showing you how much disk
space is left.


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