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January 27, 2006
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-- Flip Wilson: (1933-1988) US comedian, actor
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 ** 1st Feature Article
Ten Important Hints for Increasing Sales
by Dr. Robert Sullivan
In these busy times, the customer's choice to purchase may
be based on how easy it is to make the purchase rather than
price! Here are a ten ideas to make your product or service
easy for customers to purchase:
1. Accept credit cards for payment. This is mandatory. The
majority of small purchases is by credit card. However, be
careful in choosing your credit card merchant provider.
There are agents that are charging excessive rates and
fees. As always, caveat emptor.
2. Provide a money-back, no-questions asked return policy.
3. Distribute free catalogs. (... but include a "price" on
the cover, say $5.00.) The recipient then feels good about
getting your "$5.00" catalog free!
4. Get an 800 number for sales and service. Ensure the
number is well attended. Do it yourself if possible! Again,
as with the credit card merchant account warning above,
choose your provider with care. It is now very easy and
inexpensive to maintain an 800 number. The 800 number may
simply "piggy back" on your existing business line, if
desired. Very handy.
5. Provide a strong guarantee for your product or service.
If possible, offer "lifetime" guarantees. This is a very
strong selling point but statistics show very, very few
customers ever take advantage of such a guarantee.
6. Give away something free (possibly in conjunction with a
purchase) from time to time.
7. If you're in the retail business, maintain store hours
in evenings and on weekends.
8. Provide a delivery service (or service at the customer's
9. Follow up sales to the extent possible. Personal calls
for big ticket sales or a returnable post card for higher
volume sales can make a lasting impression ... and a return
10. Have a "preferred customer" sale.
Brought to you by: World Wide Information Outlet -, your source of FREEWare
Content online.
Robert Sullivan is the author of The Small Business
Start-Up Guide, and United States Government - New
Customer!. He frequently lectures on starting small
businesses and appears on CNBC's "Minding Your Business" as
a small business expert. His books may be ordered toll-free
by calling 1 800 375 8439.
Robert also developed and maintains an extensive
award-winning Internet website, "The Small Business
Advisor," at
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
10 Tips on Increasing Your Website Traffic
By Inga Salechova
Not so long ago I had read an article about a woman who
dramatically increased her page ranking from article
submissions on her new website.
That was a fact I already knew, just like many other
Internet Marketers. However, that article was the
inspiration I needed to make some changes with my daily
business habits.
Since I started studying the changes in my online traffic,
the effects on adding content to your website and the
change in search engine rankings, I've learned the
importance of writing what you know and sharing it with
others on the Internet.
I never took submitting and writing articles on a
consistent basis too seriously when I first started my home
based business. Part of the reason was because I was not
confident enough to share what I knew with others.
Sure I posted a few articles, but I never posted those
articles to as many directories and ezines that would
accept my article.
Now before you go about thinking it might NOT be necessary
to write an article periodically, take a look at some of
the facts I have taken more seriously and learned as a
result of posting articles online.
10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles Online:
Website Traffic Tip #1. Posting an article online has more
of a dramatic affect than one might think for your home
based business. Posting articles online builds the needed
momentum of website traffic in the form of increased
popularity and other sites linking to your site. All of
those sites linking to you are one way links!
Website Traffic Tip #2. As you begin to submit more
articles to more directories, your list of places for
submitting articles will keep expanding.
Website Traffic Tip #3. Submitting to websites regularly
will add more popularity to your website. This is the
easiest way to improved your link popularity as well as
your increased website traffic.
Website Traffic Tip #4. Most directories usually will let
you include a resource box with your name and your website
link with your article. Your website address will be found
every time someone reads your article, creating more one
way links to your site.
Website Traffic Tip #5. Most article directory websites
store submitted articles in their archives. Since the
search engine spiders love content, these sites are crawled
often. This means YOU will benefit from the traffic and
hyperlinks from each of your archived articles on their
Website Traffic Tip #6. The more articles you consistently
write and distribute, the more you will become known as an
expert for your home based business. The more you provide
informative articles, your business will be given extra
credibility which will help you to compete against your
Website Traffic Tip #7. The more exposure your articles get
for you, the more you will see your content showing up all
over the Internet. Increasing the level of awareness and
popularity builds credibility. Increased credibility may
lead to requests to write other articles and improved sales
of your product or service.
Website Traffic Tip #8. The more articles that you submit
to major article directories, the more likely your content
will be used for wider publication. The main reason this
occurs is because many newsletter and ezine publishers like
to use article directories to search for good quality
content for their articles.
Website Traffic Tip #9. Adding content that is useful for
both the readers and to the search engines will increse
your website's popularity. By posting your articles in
popular directories, you are more likely to be chosen for a
featured article in a newsletter and have several
webmasters republish your article on their website.
Website Traffic Tip #10. If you have a blog or RSS
syndication, you should submit your articles written in
your blog to article directories. The most overlooked
source of traffic for a blog is through article submission.
You can turn your longer posts into articles and submit
them to ezines or directories.
In summary, make sure each article is written to inform and
appeal to the reader, so that they are getting useful
information from you. Once you start writing articles, be
systematic about submitting new ones on a regular basis so
they built momentum.
You will find the articles already posted have been hard at
work because they are free advertising from other people to
post on their web sites. In months to come, you will start
getting the traffic and attention you'd been wishing for.
Brought to you by: World Wide Information Outlet -, your source of FREEWare
Content online.
Inga Salechova: owner of several successful online
businesses & Affiliate Programs. Expert in Website
Promotion & Marketing.
For Top Home Based Business Opportunities & Affiliate
Programs check here

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