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    September 30, 2004

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** Quote of the Week!
September 4, 2004
" It is always easy to think of your greatest accomplishments and write
them down. But to look at your life and to present your failures, is to be
truly humble."
                Copyright 2004 Maria McFadden

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 ** Feature Article
       Listening Works!
       by Ken Darby
"Oh, master...tell me of fate."
"Ah, my is what has brought great nations together.
It has made the world a smaller place in which to live. It has
inspired men of worth to work endless hours.  It will some day
enable men to span the universe and light years of travel
will soon become mere seconds in time."
"And that, my master, is fate?"
"Oh, FATE! I thought you said FREIGHT."

I find this joke to be too typical. I know we all have a time
getting children to listen but you would think that by the time
we are adults we would have developed good listening skills.
Not so. Look around you and watch peoples listening skills.
You will find well over half the people you deal with in a day
have very poor listening abilities.
That is the largest single reason why we have communications
errors, troubles and problems. Even though we might have a
common language by no means can we communicate. Have
a good university education in english? Even that will not help
because communication takes two people. One can deliver
the message, but the other must pick it up and absorb it.
Too often we are trained from youth not to listen. Too many
parents simply let kids go without spending the time to train
them how to listen. What a disservice to the child.
Listening is the greater part of communication, and I can think
of no other single asset one can have for personal protection
against those who would use you wrongly.
Listening on a one to one basis is done as much with the
eyes as it is with the ears. Look directly at the person
speaking to you.
Stop thinking of anything else while speaking and listening
to someone. You are not listening to a person speaking if
you are busy coming up with a rebuttal.
Listen until a person has stopped speaking before you
commence. And when you are speaking to someone, look
them in the eye. Nothing will convince your audience of
your sincerity more than direct eye contact.
Remember too, if you are following the advice of spiritual
masters and seeking truths you will have to learn to listen
to what you are being told from the inside. Nowhere will
you find more power and peace than developing this
Listening Works!
Ken Darby is the author of
The Saga Of Pinehill, The Adventure hitting
the bookstores in early February. Go to your favorite
bookstore and pre-order yours today. This is an adventure
story filled with life's lessons, many of which you will
see nowhere else.

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** Tip of the Day - by Bob Osgoodby
Hidden Files
Hidden files are files that do not, by default, show up when
using Windows Explorer. You can set your computer to show your
hidden files by clicking the Tools menu in Explorer, then Folder
Options. When the Folder Options screen shows up, click the View
tab and find the Hidden Files item. You'll see an option for
showing all files there.
Once you do that, you should be able to see all your hidden
files. Keep in mind that these files are hidden for a reason.
Most of them can not be opened by the user and contain important
information for your computer. Should you accidentally delete
them, you could be in for a lot of problems - like your computer
not running.
So, be careful with hidden files. Don't fool around with them
unless you know exactly what the file is for.

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