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    September 23, 2004


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** Quote of the Week!

Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman:

It is no longer enough to be smart — all the technological tools in the
world add meaning and value only if they enhance our core values, the
deepest part of our heart. Acquiring knowledge is no guarantee of
practical, useful application. Wisdom implies a mature integration of
appropriate knowledge, a seasoned ability to filter the inessential from
the essential.

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 ** Feature Article

 by Theresa Cahill
 Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved
 Have you recently joined a new program, bought a new
 product, know of a great service to offer to others?
 Are you also sitting there wondering, "Where do I start?"
 Promoting that is...
 This situation has recently been brought literally to my
 doorstep (by the neighbor next door), and recently via a
 phone call from a brand new online marketer.
 Both bought into fairly expensive programs, and neither had
 a clue where to start.
 It sounded easy to both of them - or should I say the
 person who talked them into it made it sound easy as pie.
 Then, after parting with the cash, both were left stranded.
 No advice, no help, no contact.
 How typical and how sad, since the initial "what should I
 do and where" is fairly easy to get going.
 The very first thing you need to do is submit your
 website/affiliate url to the search engines. has a free program that hits many
 of the not-so-well-known (and a few well known) engines for
 you for absolutely no charge. Cli'ck on their Free Programs
 tab, put your url into the box, and submit. It's that easy.
 Then, head over to and
 put your website/affiliate url into Google. Google, and
 a few others out there, will only accept manually input
 urls. You don't need to add comments, but a few keywords
 in the Comments field can't hurt :)
 Now... Mark this day on your calendar, and 30 days from
 now (for Google) and maybe sooner for the others, submit
 it again. Do this for several months on a regular basis.
 It works.
 [Note: Google states you only have to submit once
 and they will find you. I'd still suggest submitting
 it for a few months in a row though since they change
 their minds so frequently... and their algorithms!]
 Next, search out free startpage programs/services. Be
 creative in your search terms and don't get sidetracked
 *smile!*You're looking for the services that will allow
 you to join for fr'ee, insert your url into their system,
 and in exchange they give you a link to 1) surf with and 2)
 promote the program [you can usually build downlines in
 these types of programs which gives you more hits/views of
 your url when your downline surfs].
 Follow their directions - read - and they are fairly easy
 to get rolling. Create a folder in your inbox and keep all
 the links in one place (or use any other method that will
 be handy for you, a favorites folder, etc.). Remember to
 surf! Once your f'ree credits are used up, you need to
 either surf the exchanges or purchase additional credits.
 Okay, that's two major and totally fre'e ways to get the
 ball rolling on your newly-joined program.
 What's next?
 Well, right now you're reading someone's ezine and no doubt
 they allow you to submit text ads as a benefit for being a
 subscriber. Do it! Your first ad is usually the hardest,
 but I do suggest you write your own (assuming you're
 allowed to by the owners of the program you're promoting).
 Personally-thought-up ads are always the best, though many
 programs out there do have an affiliate area with
 ready-made ones for you to use.
 My suggestion is to read them all, then compose one of your
 own either using bits and pieces of some - or by writing
 your ad strictly from your own viewpoint of the program.
 The personal touch is always best :)
 Next...? Decide if you want to keep finding free methods -
 which do work to a point - or if you're going to allot some
 sort of a'dvertising budget toward promoting your program.
 Make use of words (text ads) and page views.
 Start small. For $10 or less you can keep a text ad out on
 the net for 30 days or more (in most cases).
 Text ads circulating for a longer period of time are always
 best. This is an excellent, and inexpensive, way to brand
 your program and/or yourself! Ads seen more often, for
 longer periods of time work lightyears ahead of the "one
 shot, I'm done!" a'dvertisements. Use longevity to your
 For about the same cost you can also use other methods
 to really hone in on your market. Target marketing may be
 a bit slower but the return on investment works well since
 those arriving at your chosen destination were, no doubt,
 looking for your program or one close enough to it that the
 traffic benefits you.
 You can target your market with both text ads and website
 visits. Choose one or both!
 And... a very basic first step is to... educate yourself!
 What neither of these people realized was their own
 affiliate websites were loaded with marketing material and,
 yes, even teleconferences, etc., to get started, keep them
 motivated, and help them market.
 Read. Then read again. Then read again.
 However you choose to start - free or paid - is totally up
 to you. But do begin. And again, your best starting points
 (after your own website training that is) are search engine
 submittals, startpage programs, and ezine advertising.
 Marketing takes time, knowledge, and motivation.
 Remember, the person holding you back just might be...

 Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads, a true one-stop spot
 for your online advertising needs.

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** Internet Tip of the Week - by Bob Osgoodby

 Internet Tip of the Week
                         by Bob Osgoodby

Home Based Business

So you want to start a home based business. Just think, you can
work in your slippers when you want to - what could be better? No
commute, not having to play office politics, no income - Whoops
how did that sneak in?

Let's have a reality check about your home business. Can you
work in your slippers? Sure, no problem. If you aren't going to
be meeting face to face with your clients, it makes little
difference how you're dressed.

Can you work when you want to? That really depends on a lot of
things. If you are a freelance writer with little, if any
contact, with the public, yes you can. However, if you are
selling a product or service, and the public will be contacting
you , that may not work. The normal office is open during the
working day, but wait a minute. Typical office hours are 9-5 and
if you call their number, you expect an answer. If you don't get
an answer, you will most likely try another source. But with the
Internet, what are typical office hours? If you live in Florida
and are on eastern time, how about all your prospects on the West
Coast? When you're wrapping it up for the day, they're just
getting back from lunch.

So do you increase your office hours to cover all time zones. If
you're on the west coast, open earlier in the morning - if you're
on the east coast close later at night. Right - wrong. That will
be self defeating, as far as running your own home based
business. Before you worked 8 hours a day and since you decided
to get out of the "rat race", you now have to work eleven?

The first thing you should do is to post the hours when people
can talk with you on your web site. But it is amazing how little
attention some people pay to this. Calls will be received at all
hours of the day and night. Now, remember that anyone who does
call, is a more serious prospect than one who simply responds to
an email.

Should you have a toll free number? While many will argue that
this is a more professional approach, it will increase the number
of calls from people who are referred to as "tire kickers". If
they have to spend "their dime" for the call, they will be less
inclined to call unless they are serious.

But this doesn't answer the question - how long should you be
available to take calls, and what should you do with people who
call outside your posted hours? Recognizing that there is a
three hour difference for many people, you should try to be
available during that period that overlaps the different time
zones. If you live on the east coast, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM will
provide decent coverage. Voice mail or an answering machine
should be available for those hours you are not actually taking

While voice mail or an answering machine will provide coverage,
you must respond to inquires received on a timely basis. While
you have a better chance of closing the sale if you are available
when they do call, this is the next best alternative.

Another thing that you should do, is to try to capture their
telephone number, the best time to return the call and their
email address if they do call outside your normal working hours.
This works especially well if you follow up with an email sending
them a carefully crafted message. In that message thank them for
their inquiry, and if they respond, be sure to return their call.

If they don't respond to your email, you should still follow up,
however, the odds of making a sale have decreased dramatically.
No matter what you do, you will not close a sale with everyone
who calls. If you present a "business like" image, the odds that
you will be successful, will increase dramatically, and you will
realize that dream of no commute, not having to play office
politics, and hopefully there will be some income.


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