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    September 16, 2004


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Quote of the Week!

" Fame is a four-letter word. And like tape, or zoom, or face, or pain,
or love, or life, what ultimately matters is what we do with it."

Fred Rogers

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 ** Feature Article

   Some Folks Live By Fear Alone!
       by Ken Darby

A honeymoon couple is in the Watergate Hotel.

The new bride is concerned and asked, "What if
the place is still bugged?"

The groom says "Hmm...  Good point.  I'll look
for a bug."

He looks behind the drapes, behind the pictures,
under the rug . . . "AHA!" he shouts!

Sure enough, under the rug was a small disc
shaped plate, with four screws. He gets his Swiss
army knife, unscrews the screws, throws them
and the plate out the window.

The next morning, the hotel manager asks the
newlyweds "How was your room? How was the
service?  How was your stay at the Watergate Hotel?"

Curious, the groom says, "And why, sir, are you
asking me all of these questions?"

The hotel manager says "Well, the room
UNDER yours complained of the chandelier
falling on them!"

This dumb little joke is too real for a great many folks.
What would the honeymooners be doing that would
have him so concerned about a "bug under the rug"? In
truth - - - nothing.

Yet the joke points out how paranoid some people
are about everything. There are those who are still
afraid to use their credit cards online. There are
those who are afraid of identity theft. There are
those who are afraid of being spied upon. There
are those who are afraid of the boss, afraid to be
embarrassed, afraid to lose a paycheck, afraid
of the kids getting hurt, afraid of this and afraid of

In fact there are so many people afraid of something,
anything, that it might be said that marketers are
having a "field day" just taking advantage of that fear.

Some live in a continual state of tension, based on
fear. They never take charge of their own lives.
Unfortunately that continual tension will kill them.

The human body cannot take continual tension without
breaking out into some serious malady. It is long
established medical fact tension, stress, fear, are
huge catalysts for major disease.

I know of a woman who fears, literally, everything
in and about her life. Guess what she reported the
other day? You got it. She now has cancer.

I am not a medical doctor so I cannot give you the
specifics of what happens. I do know that stress,
tension, fear, set up all the conditions within and
without the body that allow these conditions to be
self generating. The only way to stop it is to take
control of you, of your life, to face your fears and
boot them out of your life.

Have a little faith. Do you not know your life will go
on as good? Do you not know that without fear
life actually becomes better, more prosperous,
and happy?

The human body and life were built to be happy,
tension free. Fear is a defense mechanism to protect
us against real danger, not imagined danger. It is
there to stimulate the fight/flee response system.
Life lived continually in a state of fear over things
one can do nothing about is a life lost.

Take charge today. Take a look at your fears and
make a decision who is in charge of your life. You?
Or your emotions? Living in fear is just not worth
the pain. Neither is there any basis at all for most
of the fear.

Start using affirmations to overcome your fears. Start
taking charge of your life. Do anything and everything
you can to eliminate all fear from your life and feelings.
Give it a try.

Some Folks Live By Fear Alone!

Ken Darby is the author of
The Saga Of Pinehill, The Adventure hitting
the bookstores in early February. Go to your favorite
bookstore and pre-order yours today.

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** Internet Tip of the Week - by Bob Osgoodby

 Internet Tip of the Week
                         by Bob Osgoodby

Reality Check

Every time you turn around it seems you see another affiliate
program which promises you vast riches. They give you all the
sales material you need, and even throw in a free web page. How
can I loose, one might think. Everything is all set up for me,
and all I need is get a bigger PO Box to handle all the checks
that will roll in. Your web site will be carried by the search
engines, you have the "pre-written" ads ready to go - how can you

A few ads are placed here and there, and the responses "trickle
in" but there are few, if any sales. Time for a reality check.
If you have seen one affiliate web site for a particular product,
service or opportunity, you have seen them all. There are a
number of affiliate programs, which have thousands of people who
have bit. Why should a person go to your site when they know
from the URL (address of your web page) what it is already?

They won't. Am I saying that affiliate programs don't work?
No - I am saying that the tools they provide "don't cut the
mustard". It is a proven marketing fact that it takes 5-7
exposures to your ad before someone might purchase from you. If
you have a "canned" web site, what are the odds of them coming
back to you to buy? Slim to none.

So how does a person who is serious about marketing an affiliate
program get you to buy from them? First, they "deep six" the
affiliate web site as their primary web contact, and create their
own. On their web site they provide content which is interesting
for anyone who stops by. They also change the content on a
regular basis to keep them coming back, and let them know when it
does change. They also provide a link to their affiliate web

The next step is to try to get a listing on the search engines.
Now, think about this. There are most likely several thousand
people who have an identical web site to the one you get as an
affiliate. What do you think the odds are of someone "stumbling
across" your site when surfing the web?  Again - slim to none.
But if you have your own site, your chances take a giant leap
forward. The link to your affiliate site is a minor part of your
web site, even though it is where you want them to eventually
wind up.

Now - can you use a site that is not your own domain?  While not
the preferred route to take, it is "head and shoulders" above the
link you get from the affiliate program. Most ISP's give you web
space free.  Learn a little HTML code and you're in business.
Or, if push comes to shove, hire someone to do it for you. Let's
face it, if I see a URL that I recognize as an affiliate program,
and I've been there before, I will simply "click away".

The old saying, that if "salespeople sell themselves first,
the sale of their product or service, follows shortly thereafter"
is certainly true.  Establish yourself on the web and in the
newsletters/ezines as someone who can be trusted, and is
knowledgeable in their field. If people get to know and trust
you, your recommendation to join your affiliate program will
carry a lot more weight.

Now that you have control over your web page, you should have a
guest book that visitors can sign. Now you have their email
address. Folks, these are literally worth their weight in gold.
You can now send them email about upcoming events on your web
site, and not be accused of spamming.

Run a contest on your web site - the prizes don't have to be off
the wall. An ebook (and there are a number available for free)
can be your prize - and again more email addresses. Write a free
newsletter/ezine and publish it on a regular basis - even more
email addresses. As long as there is content of interest, they
won't mind a gentle reminder to visit your web site.

Consider a "non-competing" partner to help you with the site or
to write articles for the ezine. It makes no difference to you
if there is another link to another affiliate program on your
site. If they are willing to share the work in return for the
link, it is to your advantage. The key here is "non-competing".

So - are affiliate programs a sure thing? If you simply
join and sit back waiting for the money to flow, no.  If you are
a "take charge" type of person and are willing to work a little,
it can be a great opportunity.


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