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      August 26, 2004


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Quote of the Week!

" If 95% of people's thinking doesn't correlate with yours,
never try to change, question or introspect yourself. The world
of success belongs to people who think innovatively, differently
and progressively."

Copyright 2004 Lakkoju Goutam

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 ** Feature Article

More Often Than Not... NO
by Theresa Cahill
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

This morning I'm combining one of my favorite activities
(catching up on my ezine reading) and one of my no-longer
favorite activities, trying to figure out the search

In doing so, I had a thought to check out a service that,
as ezine readers, we often see. I speak of the service, a good service where you can take those really
long links and tighten them up.

First let me start by saying it is a good service, and
based on how often I see them in use, you'd think a very
popular one, right?

Well, not according to Google...

I've been driving myself nuts over the last few months
trying to figure out, or stay ahead of, Google's algorithm
changes (and I dare say many of us are doing something
similar, yes?).

So, instead of looking at my website,, I decided to check out
something I was 100% positive would appear in its rightful
spot on Google,

I typed in the following using my Google toolbar:

Keywords: Shorten url

No evidence of in the 1st 10 pages of Google -
at least as of this writing (August 2004).

Keywords: tiny url

Youd think that would do the trick, right? Well youd be

One reference to an About article but not the website
itself, along with a geocities free website with an inside
page link to this service. No domain name in sight.

Keywords: how to shorten a long url

Finally, the site itself turns up on page three of Google,
but it's use and popularity suggest something isn't quite
right about this placement. And we all know what that is,

Google suggests at that point that I type in:

Keyword: tinyurl

Only if I specifically typed in tinyurl (as one word) could
I find it listed in the Number 1 spot at Google. Well duh!

So, how relevant are your searches? If you're like me it's
becoming more and more a game of who's willing to pay for
placement (whether they belong there or not in most
circumstances), and those who've been working their little
fingers to the bone to be in the right spot, for the right
keywords to provide the right service.

Popular, oh yes! But is Google (or Yahoo or MSN, etc., for
that matter) currently the best way to get the best

Evidence says no.

What I have found is that the obscure search engine (as
long as it is not "pa'id to place") returns the most
relevant results I'm looking for when I go hunting. There
are a ton of them out there (type in search engines at
Google and see for yourself, but if you're looking for the
lesser-known ones, start at page 6 and higher, LOL!).

Someday it would be nice to see a mainstream search engine
tweak its algorithm to the point where both the keywords
and the content have something in common - and the
returned results are targeted.

I know it's impossible, but it sure would be nice to take
the insect out and put the human-touch back into search
engine searches.

I know Id be able to locate what Im looking for a heck of
a lot faster.

In the meantime, the frustration continues.



Theresa Cahill is the owner of My Wizard Ads and suggests that if you'd
really like to grab some of the internet billions, head on
over to:

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 ** 2nd Feature Article

Cook Right?
       by Ken Darby

A cannibal went to the tribe's witch doctor. 
"Doc, I've been feeling lousy lately."

"Hmmm," replied the witch doctor.  "Let's review your diet.
Are you eating man or animal?"

"Man, doc.  We're eating those Catholic missionaries we
caught last week."

"OK, tell me how you cook them."

"Same way as always, doc.  We boil them up in the big pot."

"Hmmmm," pondered the witch doctor. "Tell me more about
these Catholic missionaries."

"Well, funny thing, doc. They all look alike! They're short, fat,
wear long robes, sandals, rope for belts, and are bald with
a fringe of hair."

"Well, that's your problem right there," responded the witch
doctor. "Those guys aren't boilers!  Their friars!"

Wow! This guy sounds like the kind of connoisseur I don't
want to meet.

Still, like all jokes it brings out a point. It explains that often
when we are striving to reach a goal, we don't "cook right".

Oh! We have all the right ideas. We have the right products.
We have the right audience to reach, we have found our
niche, but somehow it isn't quit working just right.

So many try and fail because they don't properly assess
the circumstances, the conditions or how they are reacting
to them. They simply draw the conclusion their attempts
don't work and they move on to try something altogether
new and different, or quit.

You know, we would likely not have the telephone if Bell
took that attitude. He knew he was in the right arena. He
knew he was on the right path. He knew he was close.
Yet somehow it wasn't working just right.

Then, one day, one of his assistants had an accident that
changed the world forever. He spilled some fluid on vital
equipment, and his voice was heard over wires.

That is what we must do. We must not give up. We must
try the same old thing in different ways. You KNOW, deep
inside you that you are doing right, are in the right place.
All you need do is sometimes change the way you cook
to have the meal turn out right.

Cook Right?

Ken Darby writes articles, books and other material
helping people achieve their goals.
We pay for your dream home.
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