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June 16, 2005
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 ** Publisher's Notes:
Welcome to all - current and new - subscribers to The
24 Karat Marketer!  Thank you for subscribing to our
I've been doing alot of thinking, and it seems
that lately, I've been buried under so much other stuff...
other online things, my kids, summer, stress, or wait...
that would be all of the above wouldn't it? lol, that I'm
not able to devote as much time to the ezine as I'd like.
No, I'm not quitting publishing... it's too much fun for
me to do that.  I'm just going to take a little break
and only publish once a month for the summer.  This means
that this will be the last issue you will see in June, one in July
and one in August.
I will still run solo ads, so you can still purchase them, they
don't take much time to send out.  In fact, I'm going to have
a sale! :)  How about going back to the $1.50 solo ad again?
They seemed to be a big hit :).  You can purchase more than
one at a time... that's not a problem.  And they will go out
usually within the following week.  I'll let you know when they
are sent :). 
Thank you!
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 ** Download of the Month
** Quote of the Week!
Martin Luther King, Jr.:
I look forward confidently to the day when all who work for a living will
be one with no thought to their separateness as Negroes, Jews, Italians
or any other distinctions. This will be the day when we bring into full
realization the American dream -- a dream yet unfulfilled. A dream of
equality of opportunity, of privilege and property widely distributed; a
dream of a land where men will not take necessities from the many to
give luxuries to the few; a dream of a land where men will not argue
that the color of a man's skin determines the content of his character; a
dream of a nation where all our gifts and resources are held not for
ourselves alone, but as instruments of service for the rest of humanity;
the dream of a country where every man will respect the dignity and
worth of the human personality.
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 ** Feature Article
Four Key Steps To A Sales-Promoting Guarantee!
by Ken Varga
Many very experienced marketers don't fully understand how
to structure a great guarantee—a believable, sales
promoting guarantee that removes the risk from your
customer and yet does not put you in a bind
You all know that you must guarantee every product that you
sell in one way or another. That's because if it's really
that good, then you shouldn't be afraid of returns.
Now if you sell a bad product or are trying to pull the
wool over your customers eyes, then perhaps you shouldn't
be reading this article. And I'll go one step further. You
shouldn't be allowed to be in business.
A guarantee builds credibility.
There are numerous things and ways you can do guarantees.
However, keep in mind, if your product isn't good, a
guarantee could wipe you out very quickly. Don't bother
selling, let alone guaranteeing, products you don't believe
in or that are just not good.
Here's some general thought about guarantees.
The longer the guarantee period, the better. This adds
credibility, plus, believe it or not, may cut down on
returns, because buyers perceive they have plenty of time
to return the product and then they simply forget about it.
The guarantee on my products is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
The fewer strings attached, the more orders you will get.
Naturally, a no-questions-asked guarantee would work best.
Try to give a bonus with the purchase that the buyer gets
to keep even if they return the product. If you look at the
very successful Direct Marketing Gurus, you'll get a very
good example of what I mean. Sometimes I feel that they
over bonus and it become an offer the recipient can't
If you're a risk-taker, consider a guarantee where you
won't cash the check until 30 days after the purchase. All
of this, puts the burdened of proof upon you, the seller.
For the buyer, the purchase is risk free.
But remember, as mentioned above: Make sure your product is
worthwhile. It does you no good to sell 200 widgets if 180
of them are returned.
Naturally you can have conditions to your guarantees. For
some products they are essential.
For example:
You can require the buyer to return the product in good
condition, particularly if it'' something they could ruin
by misuse.
You might require that they actually use the product and be
able to prove it with cancelled checks, receipts or
whatever. This might be appropriate for a book on how to
start a business. Again, see if it's appropriate for your
product. The whole idea is to balance the need for orders
with the need to lessen your own risk. Ultimately, you must
test your guarantees and find the one that works best for
you. More than likely, if your product is really good,
you'll find a no time limit, 100%, no questions asked,
money back guarantee will work best.
Read my guarantee on my Website to get a real good idea of
how to model your guarantee.
Kenneth Varga is the author and publisher of the
bestselling business development, customer-acquisition and
retention book in the USA, "How To Get Your Customers To
Call, Buy & Beg For MORE!" Check out his book, business
turnkey systems & special reports at:
The Marketing Tip of The Week is Ken Varga's Subscription
E-MAIL newsletter, and is a MUST HAVE for budding or
established entrepreneurs internationally who want to
supercharge their online or offline business ventures! If
your interest is in starting up or expanding your business,
get your subscription TODAY! Go to
For more information on speaking engagements, conferences,
seminars, business workshops, personal coaching, sales
improvement & marketing development services, write Mr.
Varga at:
Copyright [c] 1999-2005, Kenneth Varga. All rights
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
Amazing Secrets Of A Free Traffic Generation MASTER
Copyright © 2005 Willie Crawford
Without traffic to your website, you're not going to make
any money in your online business (unless you're able to
tap into someone else's traffic).
For many websites... especially new sites, one of the
fastest, surest ways to drive traffic to the site is pay
per click search engines. The RISK in using pay per clicks
is that you don't know how well that traffic is going to
convert before you've paid for it. You can adjust your
webpages and your pay per click listing fairly quickly, but
today I want to share with you two of my MAJOR free traffic
generation methods.
The most powerful weapon I've used in my marketing arsenal
lately is actually... blogging. A blog is simply an on-line
diary or weblog. Since they are usually updated frequently,
the search engines love them and visit them often.
The way that I use my blogs is that when I make a post, I
include a link to a site or webpage that I want spidered by
the search engines. Google actually visits my blogs daily,
and takes snapshots of everything there, and follows links
from the pages, and takes snapshots of those pages! So, I
make minor changes to pages that I want to get ranked
higher, and then I "help" Google to find those updated
pages. It's a simple, ethical, and very powerful method.
I'm fairly new at blogging, but I'm quickly getting the
hang of it. Most of what I know about blogging I learned
from a course by my friend Paul Short. The course is called
RSS Exposed. I recommend you get a copy of Paul's course
today and set aside 2 hours to digest it. Get it at:
Paul is like me... he's very busy, and doesn't have time
for fluff. So his course is under 100 pages, and it's all
"stuff" that you can read and then immediately implement.
Does this stuff work thought. My friend Stephen Pierce
taught me that NOTHING is more powerful than concrete
PROOF. So let's look at how I rank for a few keywords that
I'm focusing on right now. I'll show you with a few of the
more than 100 niches that I have top 10.... often top 3
rankings for. I know that showing you these examples may
attract the attention of potential and existing
competitors, so I won't show you the most lucrative ones
Readers who know me, know that my real online success
started with a simple soul food or southern cookbook! That
one cookbook still generates a very nice six-figure income!
This season of the year, I know that people are on-line
searching for holiday recipes and also gift-giving ideas.
My logs show me how my market finds me... keywords and
sources. They show that for the cookbook, most find my site
through Google, with MSN being a distant second. Here's how
I ranked for a few cooking related terms (as of November
21st, 2004):
Soul Food Recipes - #2 out of 1,220,000 Soul Food - #3 out
of 8,840,000 Soul Food Cookbook - #2 out of 273,000 Deep
Fried Turkey Recipe - #3 out of 257,000 Deep Fried Turkey
Recipes - #4 out of 302,000 Sweet Potato Pie - #2 out of
614,000 Sweet Potato Pie Recipe #2 out of 394,000 Fried
Chicken Recipe - #2 out of 861,000 Fried Chicken Recipes -
#2 out of 1,160,000 Southern Fried Chicken - #2 out of
436,000 Deep Fried Turkey - #14 out of 330,000 Pound Cake
Recipe - #2 out of 547,000 Macaroni And Cheese Recipe - #1
out of 207,000 Collard Green Recipe - #4 out of 21,200
Southern Recipes - # 15 out of 4,970,000 ... I guess I need
to work on that last listing :-)
One of my other markets is "Internet Marketing," and those
looking to start or improve upon an online or home-based
business. How do I rank there? Here are a few of the
thousands of terms that bring me in free search engine
traffic (again based upon my website logs):
Internet Marketing 101 - # 1 out of 5,550,000 Internet
Marketing Course - #2 out of 10,600,000 Free Internet
Marketing Course - #2 out of 11,800,000 Free Internet
Marketing Lessons - #2 out of 2,810,000 Homebased Business
- #9 out of 1,930,000 Homebased Business Course - #1 out of
522,000 Free Homebased Business Course - #1 out of 483,000
For those of you without your own product, let's see how I
do with products I have reprint rights to. One is a web
copywriting course by Bob Serling called Power Copywriting
For The Internet. When someone is searching for that course
they search on very specific terms... but... since their
search is so specific, a higher percentage of them will buy
when they get to my website. This is a more niche market,
but some of my rankings are:
Internet Copywriter + Bob Serling - #1 out of 985 Web
Copywriting + Bob Serling - # 7 out of 918 Web Copywriting
Course + Bob Serling - #5 out of 16,400 Power Copywriting
For The Internet - #2 out of 128,000
Another product that I have reprint rights to is an
excellent course on how to increase your website, and
advertising, conversion rates. It's called, "Small Changes
- Big Profits." Here's my ranking on keywords customers
have recently used to find (and buy) this product:
Increase Website Conversion - #6 out of 2,480,000 How to
Increase Website Conversion - # 6 our of 2,490,000 Note
that when you enter that last phrases, Google tells you
that "how to" is a very common phrase and therefore not
included in the search. However, notice that Google found
an additional 10,000 pages when I gave it that expression.
Ok, so I'm confused too :-)
My second most powerful weapon right now is that I write
lots of ezine articles... like this one. Since 1998, I
would estimate that I've written over 300. Those articles
are a very powerful way of getting one-way links to my
site. Those articles are a powerful way for people with
specific problems or interest to find my sites.
Here's a simple example of how powerful articles can be. I
know for a fact that the majority of people in network
marketing aren't doing that great. I also know why. The
proof that I know what they are doing wrong, and how to
correct it, is provided by the fact that I was recently the
#2 producing representative in a major network marketing
company for 2 consecutive months. The only reason I wasn't
#2 longer is that I've only been with the company a little
over 4 month, and that in my fourth month, I was the #1 top
producing rep in the entire company!
Recognizing what many network marketers are doing wrong...
especially those that market over the internet, I wrote an
article on the topic. This article targeted those who
wanted to know why their network marketing is failing. So
if you go to Google and enter...
"Network Marketing Failing" without the quotation marks,
you'll see that the returns for webpages featuring my
article take up the entire first page. If a person were to
type in the statement "My Network Marketing Is Failing" my
page ranks #1 out of 312,000. Do people search on these
terms? Not as many as search on more competitive terms, but
why not go after easier terms... why not go after "the
low-hanging fruit."
People do visit my sites after reading the hundreds of
articles that I've written, and they do make purchases and
join my network marketing team. That's proof that writing
and properly using articles is a very powerful traffic
generation technique. I have lots of resources on how to
properly do this inside my private membership site. If
you're not a member, you should join today. Inside the site
you'll find lots more solid, usable information like you
just gotten in this article.
I've just shared with you two of my most powerful free
traffic generation methods. I actually know HUNDREDS but
only use a handful. I believe that it's better to get
really good at using a few rather than tinkering with (but
never mastering) many. You need to do your research and
find the techniques that work best for you.
If you'd like a really comprehensive course on website
traffic and sales generation methods, I recommend John
Reese's Traffic Secrets Course. Check out John's course to
learn a ton of ways to outflank your competition at:
It's 14 DVD's, so realize that it will throw a LOT of
information at you. Make sure that you pick just a few
techniques he covers, and then put them into immediate
action rather than letting the sheer volume of information
overwhelm you.
As I've demonstrated, being a master at generating free,
responsive traffic doesn't have to be complicated or even
difficult :-)
Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, master network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He
shows people how to actually generate substantial income
on-line using very simple, easily modeled systems. An
example of such a system that you can study and duplicate
is at:
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