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June 09, 2005
18 People Required for a Growing International Company
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 ** Publisher's Notes:
Welcome to all - current and new - subscribers to The
24 Karat Marketer!  Thank you for subscribing to our
This week I have been pretty caught up in the launch of my
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Read on for some great tips and programs!  I'll see you next
Until then... have a great one! :)
Thank you!
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** Quote of the Week!
Anything you can do, I can do better...
            -- My 5 year old daughter, Dana.
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 ** Feature Article
Successful Promotion on a Limited Budget
by Theresa Piccola
So you have an innovational product or idea and have a
brilliant web site created. Now it's time to promote your
site. Advertising is expensive. In the beginning stages of
any business, the dollars are usually not available for
marketing. I suggest four roads for successful web site
promotion on a limited budget.
Certainly submit your site to search engines. Participate
in banner exchange programs. Exchange links with comparable
sites and Advertise in newsletters published for your
target audience. You must take the time to submit your site
to the four largest search engines, Excite, Lycos, Alta
Vista, and Infoseek. Prepare your site by placing proper
META tags and keywords to your HTML code for higher listing
on these engines. Utilize Submit It! or Add Me!. These free
services submit your site to over twenty search engines
free or for a fee there are over 500 search engines for
which your site can be submitted. Since, the majority of
hits your site will receive are accessed through search
engines; this is a crucial first step in successful
There are several excellent free banner exchange programs.
The concept is great, considering free advertising is an
attractive way to get your promotion off the ground. It is
important, however; to be selective on the exchanges you
choose to utilize. Of course, try the best, Link Exchange,
and specifically for women there is Moms in Business Banner
Exchange. A clean and eye-catching banner is essential for
to attract hits. It is worth your money to have a
professionally designed banner created to represent your
Search for sites of similar interest or the same audience
and email the webmaster to request a link exchange. Avoid
mediocre or average sites. Create exchanges with sites as
good or better than your own. You may not receive too many
hits from this form of promotion, but it is smart to
compare your site with your competition, and while forming
associate relationships.
Place an ad in a newsletter with subscribers in your target
audience. Newsletter advertisement is much less expensive
than banner advertisement and though it is not quite as
effective, there is a lot of hit potential in a newsletter
ad. Do your homework, shop around for newsletters with a
number of subscribers you feel is worth paying for, and
write an ad that readers cannot resist.
Promoting your web site on a limited budget is not the same
as paying for a professional marketing campaign. However,
you do have to start somewhere and you will be delightfully
surprised with the results of your efforts using promotion
methods. Good Luck!
Brought to you by: World Wide Information Outlet -, your source of FREEWare
Content online.
Theresa Piccola, Owner of Banner Creations,, banner and
website design and promotion, Promotions Director of
Lee-Bee Motivational Charts,,
Assistant Web Administrator for The Baby Corner,, and original creator
of ~A Mom's Love~ , a monthly
online magazine full of insightful articles and information
for all moms.
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
The Buzz about Selling/Advertising vs. Keeping and Growing Relationships
          by Terry Roberts
If you follow the media and e-mail discussion groups about
the Internet, you've no doubt seen that much of the buzz is
about selling things and advertising on the Internet.
I think there are primarily two reasons for this:
There are many Web site owners who are looking for ways to
finance their site maintenance, if not the initial
development, and the big bucks spent on advertising in
other media is an obvious target for them to go after.
Most, however, are finding that it takes a great deal of
traffic to justify much in the way of advertising revenue,
and that the bulk of the advertising dollars are being
spent with a small group of sites at the top of the
Internet "food chain", like major search engines, large
content publishers and large virtual communities.
We are witnessing the ironic law of new technology at work.
The law says,"any new technology is first used in the way
the old technology was, ignoring the very things that make
the new technology worth using."
For the first time in history, organizations have at their
disposal a tool which offers platform independence (it can
be used from any kind of computer, cutting through a
nightmare of network compatibility problems with other
information systems), inexpensive access, easy access,
global scope, multi-media rich content, interactivity,
ability to survive natural or man-made disasters, easy and
seamless navigation through the content on millions of
computers, unlimited ultimate capacity, and the ability to
change content quickly and easily to keep it dynamic and
worth re-visiting.
Never before has there been a tool so ideal for keeping and
growing relationships. And yet, so much of the current
focus is on selling and advertising because we're using the
technology at this point in the way old technology was,
ignoring the very things that make the new technology worth
In the next few years, I predict we will see a dramatic
awakening to the greater potential of Internet technology
to keep and grow relationships. The benefits will be so
great, that many organizations will find that alone
justifies their Internet investment, even if they don't
sell a thing or generate new customers via the Internet
(but they will do that as well!).
NetNurturing is the name I've given to this concept of
keeping and growing relationships via high-value Internet
applications. The broad objectives of NetNurturing are to
build preference and loyalty for your organization, to
obtain greater share of customer, and to move customers
from mere acceptance of your organization to advocacy for
your organization.
Those concepts will be the on-going focus of the
NetNurturing Letter. With your feedback, my goal is to make
these ideas as concrete and relevant as possible. The
principles behind the ideas we will explore will be
relevant to marketing even if you aren't actively involved
in the Internet yet. I hope you enjoy the ride!
I look forward to your contributions, questions and
Brought to you by: World Wide Information Outlet -, your source of FREEWare
Content online.
To be *added* to this mailing list, send e-mail to with "NetNurturing Letter" as the
subject, and "Add to mailing list" in the body. To be
*removed* from this mailing list, send e-mail to with "NetNurturing Letter" as the
subject and "Remove from mailing list" in the body.
Copyright 1997 All rights reserved. Terry Roberts
Consulting & Services. Excerpts may be used if the
preceeding copyright language is attached to the excerpt in
all cases. Please inform the author of any use. Thank you.
"NetNurturing" and "Terry Roberts Consulting & Services"
are registered service marks of Terry Roberts Consulting &

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