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June 02, 2005
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** Quote of the Week!
Robert Heinlein:
But goodness alone is never enough. A hard cold wisdom is required,
too, for goodness to accomplish good. Goodness without wisdom
invariably accomplishes evil.

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 ** Feature Article
How to Make Niche Profits Without a Website.
By Dermot Hogan
You don't need to buy any "amazing new ebook" or a bunch of
fancy software. You don't need to write hundreds of pages
of content or hire someone to.
You don't need to do a ton of research to find a topic You
don't have to spend a dime and you can start doing it right
You don't even need a website.
Just follow the simple instructions below and you can make
niche profits on autopilot.
1. First choose a topic-It doesn't matter if it's a more
competitive topic, you won't be competing for search engine
Once you have chosen your topic go to and use
their free keyword selector tool to get a list of commonly
searched terms related to your topic.
Find a keyword that has a good number of searches and a
relatively low number of quality results on yahoo. Quality
results meaning pages with good content on that particular
2. Create a short informative ebook on your chosen keyword.
Use common sense here; this should be on a topic related to
your keyword that people will want to read. It doesn't have
to be incredibly long. A 5-10 page ebook can give someone
all the information they need.
Once you have written the ebook, find some affiliate
programs to join and include them in your book. Do your
best to weave this affiliate links into the content of your
3. Make your ebook viral
Allow people to personalize your ebook with the website
link and their name. An ebook creator like ebook paper will
let you do this easily.
Another great idea is to add a tell a friend form to your
ebook. If people enjoy your ebook they will probably be
happy to share it with a friend.
Even better give them an incentive like a free gift and
you'll have an incredibly powerful viral technique.
4. Find website owners in your niche to give your ebook
This is the most important part of this system. It's how
you'll get your viral ebook started.
Search for website owners in your niche and ask them to
give your ebook away. Offer to change the ebook in any way
they want except your affiliate links.
You could offer to: Change the author's name to theirs. Add
their autoresponder form to the ebook. Add links to any
other websites or products they might have.
*Another way to get your ebook started is find a discussion
forum related to your niche and start posting with your
ebook advertised in your signature.
You may think that free ebooks have been done to death. Yes
they have, in the internet marketing niche. There are
literally thousands of niches where practically no one is
using this technique.
Once your viral ebook gets picked up by a few websites you
will have an automatic money machine on your hands.
Now imagine if you created 10 of them, or even 100.
Feel Free to Reprint This Article with the following
resource box attached:
New, Unorthodox, and Sometimes Even Strange Ways to Grow
Your Internet Business- Subscribe to Dermot Hogan's ezine
The Twisted Marketing Report at
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
      Is Your Perspective Different?
Two young country lads were bored one summer day
and decided it would be fun to push over the outhouse.
They snuck up like a couple of spys, pushed it over,
then ran laughing into the woods. When they returned
home later, their father called them over. "Did you two
push over the outhouse this afternoon?" he
demanded. The older boy nodded. "I learned in
school that I cannot tell a lie. Yes, father, we did
push over the outhouse."
Their father whipped them and sent them to bed
without supper. In the morning, he asked them,
"Have you two learned your lesson?"
"Yes, father," the older boy said, looking confused.
"But in school we learned that George Washington
admitted to his father that he had chopped down a
cherry tree and he was forgiven because he told the
Their father nodded. "That's true. But George's
father wasn't IN the cherry tree when he chopped
it down!"

I imagine that perspective might have a bearing on how
one would react. It seems perfectly logical to me Dad would
be upset, and that he would be not nearly so upset had
he not been in the outhouse.
That kind of thing happens to us all the time in daily life.
Our perspective, our point of view is always that spot from
which our mind is currently set. For example if your child
comes up to you and wants you to play with them, and
everything is all right with you, then you may decline
politely, or even go play with them. However, if you are
already angry because you just had a rip snortin' fight
with your spouse or significant other, you are more prone
to telling the child to go get lost, and that in an angry tone.
So, you see, your perspective affects how you react to
certain circumstances.
Guess what? It affects the way others react to you as well.
Others will react to you according to two things: first,
according to their own perspective and, second, according
to how you react to them. Think on that.
Is it any wonder folks have trouble getting along? And then
we throw into the mix certain attitudes toward ethnic groups
and toward religious groups and toward other groups. Now
tell me how it is that we can get along at all.
I often suggest to my kids it is far better to have a chosen,
standard perspective through which to view the world, one
that you don't permit emotion to influence. I recommend
they adopt a businesslike attitude toward all, equally, and
without emotion at any point or time. I suggest they remain
calm in all circumstances and that they keep their eye on
the ball, meaning that they choose what outcome they want
before they begin and keep pressing in that direction.
Because emotion can lead one down the garden path I
recommend they learn to put it aside when dealing with
others, that they can deal with emotion inside themselves
at another time when it is less likely to affect outcomes.
That way they can be and remain in charge of their lives.
They can be responsible for what happens to them and
around them, and they can guide circumstances to their
Is Your Perspective Different?
Ken Darby authors many articles found in newspapers
and magazines throughout North America. He is the author or
The Saga Of Pinehill, The Adventure, ISBN 1-4137-4723-X
available through your favorite bookstore.
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