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 March 17, 2005

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A U.S. Entrepreneur's Best Friend
by Yank Elliott, MBA & IAHBE Staff Writer
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 ** Feature Article
Small Business Administration:
A U.S. Entrepreneur's Best Friend
by Yank Elliott, MBA & IAHBE Staff Writer
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is the federal
government agency whose sole responsibility is helping you
succeed with your small business. Many entrepreneurs have
heard about their loan packages, but are you taking
advantage of the additional free information, resources,
and even personal assistance they have to offer? These
people are paid to provide assistance in every area of your
business. They are knowledgeable, and they are glad to
help. All you need to do is ask.
Every politician in the entire country wants the U.S.
economy to thrive. What better way than to support the
engine that drives this economy: small business?
Small businesses provide 75% of net new jobs added to our
economy, and they represent 99.7% of all employers. To see
just how important we small entrepreneurs are, just look at
this page:
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), though always
ready to help, used to be considered too complex for the
average small business. For many years, only those
businesses with legal and accounting advisors took
advantage of most programs.
The U.S. government is like any other lender: it wants to
be repaid. So any loan program will have questions and
procedures some will consider difficult and inhibiting, but
in just the last few years, the SBA has become about as
friendly as any lender can be. They not only provide the
money to operate your business but they also offer
counseling on a variety of problems from start-up through
selling your business.
SBA Online
Other services can help you find customers or even products
to sell. And the SBA Website is very user friendly. Just
look at
Perhaps the first thing to strike you is the top center
flash block calling attention to “Success Stories”. The
first one I caught was about Premier Pet Products This business
was inspired by the rescue of a former racing greyhound
about to be destroyed. The business flourished on a $5,000
loan and was housed in the owner’s home.
Now Premier Pet Products is a $2.4 million company with 40
For ideas and inspiration everyone, would do well to go
through this section and read how successful entrepreneurs
have used SBA services to help them grow thriving
The left sidebar has some powerful help for the small
Among the “Hot Items” are these:
Worried about preparing a plan for you business? See
Business Plan Basics and study the four core questions to
ask yourself
The SBA is basically a lender but under the Grants section
they provide lists of Federal and State grant URLs
( You
may qualify for money you don’t have to repay!
Because 97% of U.S. exporters are small businesses, the SBA
provides a lot of aid in this sector. The SBA Office of
International Trade (
shows where you can find regional and local offices for
personal assistance.
To locate new business connections, see PRO-Net
( This site provides many sources
of opportunity and help to obtain customers or clients for
your business.
Startup Guide
shows you exactly how to start, finance, operate, and find
customers for your small business. It includes a list of
all kinds of support services you may need. Here is all the
information you need to succeed.
Another area on the left sidebar is “SBA Programs”. Here
you will find everything the SBA does including a special
Website for women in business
The “Startup Kit” we discussed above covers every aspect of
running your business. But wait!
The SBA has this material organized in a much more useful
manner at the top of the right sidebar. The elements are
“Starting Your Business,” “Financing Your Business,”
“Managing Your Business,” “Business Opportunities,” and
“Disaster Recovery.”
How this arrangement helps is to group all the information
into related areas. For example, under “Business
Opportunities,” there are sections dealing with the basics,
rules, finding opportunities, size standards, marketing,
proposals, small business programs, and special interests.
Each section contains links to everything you might need to
clear up issues in the group.
The Disaster Recovery section is one every entrepreneur
should study right now and hope you never need it. The
writer has lived in North Carolina’s Hurricane Alley for
many years. Recent disasters have included Bertha, Fran,
Bonnie, Dennis, Floyd, and Isabel (the center went directly
over our house). We have been most impressed by the rapid
response of the SBA and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management
After the latest Isabel disaster, those who applied quickly
received aid quickly, often in two or three days. Study
this section before you need it so you can deal with
disaster to avoid greater loss.
Small business is so important politically and economically
that all government will continue to push the SBA into more
areas of aid to entrepreneurs. Visit as soon as you can and see
how this agency can help you.
Be sure to peruse the information on Small Business Person
of the Year awards throughout the U.S. to get ideas about
what you can do.
If they did it so can you!
Local Small Business Counseling
The SBA’s Small Business Development Program works through
centers scattered throughout the country. From their
Website (, there is a link for
locating a Small Business Development Center near you; they
are almost always affiliated with a state college or
Not only do the staff of these centers offer free business
counseling, but they usually offer many mini-courses and a
well-stocked library on everything from business entities
and business plans to taxes and technology for your small
business. As your business grows, there may be a small fee
charged, but initially the use of the center’s staff and
facilities are free except for very reasonable costs for
the courses (well under $100).
The advantage of using your closest local Small Business
Development Center is that their staff will be the most
knowledgeable about local business trends, marketing, laws,
and taxes that might affect your business. They will also
know about local funding, financing, or other assistance.
They will guide you through the process of writing a
business plan and work with you as your business grows.
A visit to your closest Small Business Development Center
should be a top priority for any home-based business owner,
even if all you do is familiarize yourself with what they
have to offer.
The SBA is charged with stimulating the national economy by
promoting small business, so take advantage of their
offerings and make your tax dollars work for YOU for a
Small Business Administration home,
Business Opportunities,
Small Business Development Centers,
© Yank Elliott. All rights reserved worldwide.
Yank Elliott is a home-based entrepreneur and freelance
business writer in Hurricane Alley, North Carolina, USA.
His Website is He is
currently a staff writer for IAHBE. Contact Yank at
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
Untapped Assets For Your Business - Your Children
by Patricia Dinslage, IAHBE Staff Writer
Home-based business owners often read articles on how to
combine a home-based business with family life. Much of the
advice discusses how work-at-home parents can set
boundaries to make sure children don't interfere or
interrupt, or how to occupy them during business hours.
Rather than a problem, however, your children may be an
overlooked resource for your business.
I'm not talking about violating any child labor laws or
taking unfair advantage of your children. But they, too,
have a stake in the survival and success of your business.
Allowing children to be a part of your business can result
in both long-term and short-term advantages for everyone.
A Chance To Learn
The most obvious advantage for the children is the chance
to learn about business in general, and your business in
particular. They can learn how a business operates, what's
involved in keeping it going, and that people don't just
give you money for nothing (at least not that I've been
able to discover!). They may even discover that business
and work can be fun; accomplishing something important can
make you feel good; and having your own money gives you
Involving your children as an integral part of your
home-based business allows them to experience, on a
personal level, the value of money and work in their lives,
and the connection between the two. Watching and listening
to you as a home-based business owner, and working with
you, your children can gain knowledge of how to work with
other people, to collaborate, negotiate, and reach
compromises and agreements. Over time, they may even see
what can be accomplished with self-motivation, discipline
and sheer determination, and may even develop these
entrepreneurial traits for themselves.
Seeing and experiencing firsthand the balance between
rewards and risks that comes with owning your own business
may plant a seed. That seed may lead to them becoming
entrepreneurs and business owners, whether with a lemonade
stand, babysitting service, or an Internet business with
worldwide connections!
Hiring Your Children
To be clear, the involvement I'm talking about is not
having your children run to the post office once in a
while, dusting the furniture while you're otherwise
occupied, or watching the younger ones on a regular basis
for free. These tasks may be just part of being in a
What I'm talking about is allowing your children to
contribute in a meaningful way to your business and to
receive rewards in direct proportion to their contribution
and efforts, just like any other employee you would hire.
They may be employed in your business on a regular
part-time basis (a few hours a week), during summer and
other school vacation times, even during extra-busy times
in your business, or in combinations of the above.
One of the advantages of hiring your children is that you
can get help when your business needs it, without the
hassle of placing an ad and interviewing applicants—all to
fill a need for someone 10 hours a week or during a
seasonal rush. Who knows your children—and their
capabilities, skills, personality, and work ethic better
than you?
Some important points to keep in mind, though, when
considering offering your child a job:
* No one likes to be told they HAVE to do something (Ask
any teenager if you don't believe this!). Using the "power
of the parent" probably is not the most productive method
for getting your children involved in your business. ASK
them if they would like to work with your business and, of
course, earn some money of their own.
* Don't automatically assume that your child will be
thrilled to start working with you—even if you do offer to
pay them. That's OK—they may not be ready for the
responsibility, may not be interested in your business, or
may be caught up in other activities and priorities. After
all, one of the reasons you probably became a home-based
business owner is for the freedom to set your own
priorities and do what you wanted. In this case, your
children should also have that freedom.
* Treat them as you would any other potential employee, to
a certain extent. Explain, at their level of understanding,
the job and tasks involved, the work hours, the pay,
rewards or benefits.
* Remember that they still will need time to be children
and accomplish the developmental tasks of being children.
They will need, and should have, free time to play, be with
friends, do schoolwork, watch TV, play videogames, go to
movies, etc.
* Discuss the concrete, as well as intangible, benefits to
you and to them of helping you and your home-based business
to succeed.
* The wages you will pay them is their own money, to spend
as they please (as long as it's on something legal and not
dangerous). If they want to buy that new CD by that
horrible group you can't even understand—well, that's their
choice! You certainly wouldn't be telling non-family
employees what they could and couldn't spend their money
* Explain at their level of understanding some of the other
rules, expectations, and guidelines that adults take for
granted, but which children don't necessarily know—such as
not leaving in the middle of a rush job to go to a movie
with a friend calling in a last-minute invitation.
* You will need to provide proper training in how to do the
job and the intangibles of business etiquette.
* Plan to have lots of patience. Your new employee will
make mistakes and you will need to provide guidance and
constructive praise, not yelling or destructive criticism.
The goal is not just to get the job done most efficiently;
but also to parent, to teach, to grow closer as parent and
child, and to have fun.
* Plan B: Sometimes, despite everyone's best effort,
working with family members just doesn't work out. Rather
than get caught up in blaming, fights, resentments, or
guilt—just chalk the whole arrangement up to a learning
experience for both of you.
Tax Advantages & Legalities
I am assuming, of course, that you will be compensating
your children for their work. Keep in mind, too, that the
compensation may be money, payment in products or services
from your business, or for very young children, a favorite
meal, movie, special trip or other uncommonly given treat.
Other than the last suggestion, certain tax and legal
guidelines exist that, as a business owner, you must take
into account.
One of the advantages to you as a business owner of
employing your children is that you can deduct their wages
right off the top of your business's taxable income as a
business expense. As a home-based business owner in the
United States, the salaries you pay your under-18 children
are not subject to Social Security or Medicare taxes. If
your child is between 18 and 21 years old, you do not have
to pay federal unemployment taxes. Of course, whatever the
age of your child-employee, you must withhold income taxes,
according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
The bottom line is that you may be able to include your
children as standard deductions on your personal income
tax, and also deduct their wages from your business taxes.
In addition, if your child earns less than a certain amount
in wages during the year, their wages may be tax-free, but
you still would be allowed to deduct those wages as
business expenses. Other countries may have similar laws;
check your government tax guidelines. In any case, as a
business owner, you will want to consult your tax advisor
or accountant before filing tax returns.
Salaries, whether paid to your children or a non-relative,
are a legitimate business expense. When employing your
children, however, certain additional factors will be
considered before allowing the business deduction.
1. The business owner must have proof that the child was
paid a salary; AND
2. The salary was the same as what would be paid to any
employee doing the job - no over- or underpaying; AND
3. The salary was reasonable for the child's age ($20,000 a
year to a 5-year-old might be questioned); AND
4. The work the child did was necessary to the business.
You are allowed to pay your child-employee in product or
services from your business. For instance, in return for
working in your travel and tour business all summer, you
arrange and give your child a trip to Disneyworld in
payment for his or her work. You can claim the fair market
value of the trip and arrangements as a deduction from your
business's taxable income. However, you must add to your
gross sales an amount that is equal to the value of the
product or service you paid them. The child, on the other
hand, must claim the value of the product as part of their
income and the business owner must withhold income taxes.
Another significant tax advantage for your children is that
earned income qualifies them to contribute to a Roth IRA.
Starting in 2005, this can be up to $4,000 a year in an
account with tax-deferred earnings—a huge step towards
their eventual retirement or other allowable uses. Savings
in their own name could possibly count against them for
financial aid when the go to college, but in general, most
financial advisors say "Start saving early."
This is not meant to be definitive tax information for the
business owner. You definitely will want to consult your
national tax laws, as well as a professional tax advisor or
What Jobs Can Your Child Do?
You've decided to hire your child to work for your business
and he or she has agreed that it's a good idea. Now what?
Specifically, what work your child can do for your business
that you would be willing to pay them to do? Be creative.
You want the job to be age-appropriate, so that your
child-employee does not become frustrated, overwhelmed—or
bored. Remember that your new employee has a child's
attention span and viewpoint, which can sometimes result in
unexpected consequences.
You also don't have to wait until your child gets to be
mid- to late-teens before offering them a job. For
instance, your toddler can help you open packages, turn
lights and equipment on and off, throw paper in the trash,
etc. Preschoolers can lick stamps, seal envelopes, open
mail, stuff envelopes and more.
For these tasks on a relatively regular basis, they can be
paid with a special treat, extra story time, a trip to the
mall, library or museum, etc. Of course, these
payments-in-kind, probably wouldn't be deductible, but
could be very rewarding to both of you.
School-age children have begun to realize what money really
represents: the ability to buy things they want. Most like
the idea of getting money on a regular basis, and usually
take well to the concept of doing something to have
something. In addition, some jobs they can do in your
business may add to what they are learning in school and
even result in better grades. They can sharpen pencils,
keeping count of them and learning when you might need
more. They can help you sort and organize papers, bills,
ads, etc., or file papers in folders, even if they can't
read everything. Children can count and keep track of
change, for instance, if your business involves handling
money. The ability to sort, organize and match things is
one of the major childhood learning tasks, and children
often find these types of activities fun to do!
Teenagers have the knowledge, ability, and skills to be a
significant addition and contributors to your business.
However, they may not be motivated to work, or may be
extensively involved in school activities, sports,
friendships, and not have the time. On the other hand,
teenagers also are very aware of the usefulness of money.
Employing your teenager may be a challenge for both you and
him or her. But where better for them to start learning
about the world of work, getting along with people
(including bosses), money management skills, and a good
work ethic than working in the supportive environment of a
family business? They probably can do almost anything in
your business that you would need done—and maybe some
things that you don't realize could be done—in your
business. These young people tend to be among the most
Internet-savvy people in the world today. In addition, they
often are consumer- and business oriented at a young age.
When it comes to Internet research, seeking out new online
markets for your business, getting a Web page up and
running for your business (or improving the one you have),
even advising you on business technology, electronics and
equipment, your teenage child may become one of your best
business resources and advisors. Respecting them as
employees and the knowledge they bring, even seeking out
their ideas for improving your business, could result in
payoffs far exceeding the wages they earn.
In summary, hiring your children and paying them probably
is better for everyone than just giving them money and
getting no deductions in return.
Brown, Jeff M., "How to Get Kids Interested in Business."
Dishman Patterson, Tracey. "Hiring Your Child for the
Summer." The Parent's Home Office:
Dishman Patterson, Tracey. "Hiring Your Kids." The Parent's
Home Office:
Sites visited: The Work At Home Mom Site.
and Work @ Home Parent's Network:
U.S. Internal Revenue Service. "Businesses with Employees -
Family Help"
Ward, Susan. "Part 1: Tips for A Healthy Home-Based
Business and Happy Kids." Your Guide to Small Business:
Ward, Susan. "Part 3: Income Tax Deductions Related to
Employing Your Spouse or Child." Your Guide to Small
Business: Canada.
© 2005 Patricia C. Dinslage. All rights reserved worldwide.
Patricia C. Dinslage is a freelance writer and staff writer
for IAHBE. She has BA degree in Economics, BS degree in
journalism and is currently working on a Master's degree in
career counseling. She has worked in business, government,
agriculture and media, including a stint as a business
reporter for a daily newspaper.
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