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 March 03, 2005

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The Game of Life #1094
The cards you hold in the game of life mean very little, it's the way
you play them that counts.
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 ** Feature Article
       Here's To Think On ...
       by Ken Darby
My granddaughter and two of my daughters and I were
shopping at a very crowded local Mall one Saturday.
Though we were doing "back to school" shopping, I
saw a dress in a window display that I thought would
be lovely on one of my daughters, and proceeded to
tell her: "Oh Sweetie, look at this. This would be
darling on you."
Imagine my surprise and embarrassment ,when a
deep male voice replied: "Well hon, I really like the
color, but I don't think I can wear that style" Then he
smiled and went on his way.
My daughters were several feet behind me and I had
assumed they were the ones next to me. Now I make
sure whom I am speaking too, before I call
them "Sweetie"
Well, I don't know how many people float through their
days not fully aware of what is going on around them,
but its lots.
Ever get behind a driver who never looks in the rear
view mirror, or who indiscriminately changes lanes
without looking?
Think of the work those people do and how well
done it must be. Awareness is the number one
characteristic for successful growth, career advancement
and survival. Do not permit your mind to become
burdened by anything that will occupy your awareness
of who you are, where you are and what is going on
around you.
I know each of us slips once in a while, yet what I am
really getting at is that we are often given "messages"
from inside. If you are not aware of them you lose. They
can bring forth much benefit for you and should you
be preoccupied with other tasks you will miss them.
That is to say, nothing can replace your acute awareness
of your environment and what is going on. Too many
have learned that one split second of inattention can
cost even lives.
Ken Darby authors many articles found in newspapers
and magazines throughout North America

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 ** 2nd Feature Article
Turn Cold Leads Into Hot New Sales
by Janet Attard
You get a request for product literature or a sample of
your product and you send it within a day or so of getting
the request. A week or two goes by and the prospect hasn't
placed an order. What do you do next?
If you are like many small businesses the answer is
"nothing" and that is a big mistake.
Customers who request product literature or samples often
have a genuine interest in making a purchase, but they may
not need to purchase that item immediately. Thus, they look
over what you send and then put it aside, planning to
follow up at some point in the future.
Then a couple of months later their priorities shift.
Suddenly, the product they were thinking about purchasing
"sometime" becomes the product or service they need now. By
this time, however, that first piece of literature or
sample you sent may be filed, misfiled, buried on the
bottom of a stack of non-urgent things to do, or even
tossed out during an office cleanup campaign.
If that has happened, who is likely to get the sale?
Assuming there are several competitors all selling very
similar products or services at very similar prices, the
vendor whose name is most familiar because they have made
the most recent and/or frequent contacts with the prospect
is likely to get the order.
Position your company to win those delayed sales by
following up regularly for at least six months on all
qualified sales leads. Make your initial follow-ups once
every other week for the first six weeks if the prospect
seems genuinely interested. After that, follow up about
once a month. Your follow-ups don't have to be elaborate or
costly. A telephone call or follow up letter asking if you
can provide additional information, reminders to check your
web site for new information, and notices of special offers
all are good ways to keep in touch and keep your name and
product fresh in their mind.
About the author Janet Attard is the owner of Attard
Communications, Inc., which provides editorial content,
online community and web development services. She is the
founder of the award-winning Business Know-How small
business web site and information resource. Janet is also
the author of The Home Office And Small Business Answer
Book and of Business Know-How: An Operational Guide For
Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses with Limited Budgets.
She can be reached at (631) 467-6826 or by email at
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