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 February 17, 2005

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 Life-Expect the Unexpected
When the tide of life surrounds you and the water upsets your boat,
Don't waste your tears on what might have been,
Just lie on your back and float.
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 ** Feature Article
The Music of Business
by Rob Spiegel
What kind of music do you listen to while building your
business at home? One of the great pleasures of an at-home
business is your freedom to choose the nature of your
business environment, including its sound. When you’re
working with others, music is always a compromise. You
don’t end up with music that anyone actually likes.
Instead, you get music that nobody really hates. Thus you
end up with elevator music (sweet strings playing the
Beatles) or soft rock (How many more times can you listen
to Rod Stewart’s Maggie Mae?).
The music you hear can have a big impact on your work. I
find the appropriate work music changes through the work
day. The right sounds are also dependent on the type of
work you’re doing. If you have to be on the phone most of
the day, you’re best off with even-keel music that doesn’t
have the sharp spikes of aggressive alternative rock
(Nirvana or Audioslave). If you’re taking notes over the
phone, you don’t want to be disturbed by Kurt Cobain or
Chris Cornell’s raging screech.
Classic country music works great for phone work, say Merle
Haggard, Willie Nelson or even Hank Williams. If you bog
down through your time on the phone, pick yourself up with
some easy-energy Bob Wills. Don’t try Patsy Cline or Billie
Holiday, though. Their voices may seem gentle, but they’re
very demanding emotionally. When you’re on the phone, you
won’t lose any credibility if classic country bleeds
through. Alternative rock can be a problem. A good shot of
a White Stripes feedback shriek during a customer call can
jeopardize and account. Yet that same driving,
take-no-prisoners noise is a perfect match when you’re deep
into white-hot deadline crunch with a three-coffee-pot buzz
that’s makes your typing fingers hurt. The Strokes work
well on deadline, too, especially the song, “Last Nite.”
Now for creativity, you have to go Leonard-Cohen deep. Time
of day matters when you’re trying to match creative efforts
with music. On early summer mornings when you have the door
open to birds chirping, you’re best off with Bach,
especially the “Brandenburg Concertos.” If this doesn’t
provide useable ideas, switch to the early work of Gordon
For late night creativity, you have to go much darker. Tom
Waits makes perfect sense at 3:00 a.m., especially if
you’ve switched from dark-roast coffee to an old port or an
oaky Irish whiskey. Dr. John’s first album with its dark
gris-gris voodoo is also great for the dark-hours
creativity. If the port makes you sleepy, you can keep the
same mood but boost your energy with early Muddy Waters.
His later Chicago-streets music is great for mid-morning
drudgery work, but to drill down to your true creative
pools, listen his first Chess albums when can still smell
the swampy Mississippi in his voice.
For flat-out production work during the later mornings and
through the afternoon, you need some very dependable higher
tempo drive. If you have to concentrate, try bluegrass,
especially the light and bright work of Tony Snow or Ricky
Skaggs. Alison Krauss and Union Station is also wonderful,
but you’ll sometimes get distracted by her hauntingly
beautiful voice. Go ahead, take your chances, she’s worth
it. If it’s dumb work that requires no brains at all, try
the Rolling Stones (their earliest albums through Exile
with “Some Girls” thrown in for fun) or any period Beatles,
always a pleasant and listenable ride.
Late afternoon requires something more substantial the move
you through the afternoon slump. Bruce Springsteen works
well. Surprisingly, even “The Rising” satisfies. Also put
on anything by Lucinda Williams. Oddly Bob Dylan’s recent
albums, “Love and Theft” and “Time out of Mind” are good
for moving through the late p.m. doldrums. If you nap in
the late afternoon, all bets are off. Go to sleep to the
Beach Boys – strangely comforting through day-sleep – and
wake up to the Doors.

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 ** 2nd Feature Article
Web Site Usability Checklist
By Janet Attard
Getting visitors to your web site is only half the battle.
To be effective, your web site has to be structured to help
visitors easily find their way around. If it isn't,
visitors will click on to some other site and never give
yours a second thought. Yet all it takes is some careful
plannning to make sure your visitors can find their way
around without too much difficulty. To be sure your site is
easy to use, go through the site and ask yourself the
questions in the lists below. Then, show the site to
someone who has never seen it before. Ask that person the
answers to the questions below, too.
For all sites
* Can visitors find information easily? * Is the navigation
clear and consistent throughout the site? * Does the back
button always take them back to the preceding page? * Can
visitors bookmark individual pages? * Do the pages load
quickly (10 to 20 seconds) on standard modem connections? *
Can visitors easily find out who runs the site? * Can
visitors easily find an email address to contact if they
have difficulties using the site? * Are the most important
elements of your site visible without scrolling up and down
or from side to side on screens set to 600 x 800 size? *
Does the site look good and work from both Netscape and IE
browsers (4.0 versions and up) * Do you have alternate text
tags under graphics (to allow visitors who are blind or who
have graphics turned off to find important links)?
For ecommerce sites
* Can visitors tell immediately what you sell? * Can they
quickly find products and product descriptions? * Are there
links to related products (accessories to wear with a
ladies suit, for instance)? * Can they tell what to click
on to place an order? * Can they find your phone number
from every page in case they have a question? * Can they
find your name and address, and fax number? * Can they find
your email address? * Can they find price information? *
Can they find information about the company and its
management? * Can they find any other important information
you want them to have?
Janet Attard is the author of The Home Office And Small
Business Answer Book and of Business Know-How: An
Operational Guide For Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses
with Limited Budgets.
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