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February 09, 2006


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    My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows
    enough about what's really going on to be scared.
    P. J. Plauger, Computer Language, March 1983
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     ** 1st Feature Article

                 STORMPAY... IN THE NEWS!
    In the news.... for the last 10 days, ABC News 4 (from Salt
    Lake City, Utah) has been asking a lot of questions and
    presenting a very biased picture about a company called
    12dailypro and their involvement with StormPay. To date
    they have speculated and used information from StormPay's
    "User Agreement" regarding pyramid schemes to paint a very
    black picture of 12 DailyPro yet left questions about
    StormPay unasked. No mention has been made of StormPay's
    own operation of a similar pyramid scheme in the past.
    Nothing has been asked about StormPays supposed third
    party, arms length association with a compamy called Net
    IBA dispite the fact that they are both owned by the same
    person. Nor have any questions been raised about StormPay's
    apparently illegal and criminal activities that are being
    conducted not only against 12DailyPro but against many
    other online companies who deal with them. To the shame of
    ABC News 4 neither has been any mention of StormPay's
    outright theft of members' monies from their personal
    StormPay accounts, credit cards and even bank accounts.
    Here is a summary of recent events:
    StormPay had recently contacted a number of online
    companies, including 12DailyPro, which used more than one
    payment processor on their website, and told them they
    would either have to use StormPay exclusively or not be
    able to use them at all. Several of these companies
    capitulated to the blackmail since most of their members
    already used StormPay and it would be in the members best
    interests to drop all other payment processors. The company
    most recently in the news, 12dailypro and its members, were
    made aware of this on 30, January, 2006. StormPay had
    informed 12dailypro that as long as they offered other
    payment options to their members, they would not be able to
    do business with StormPay and would no longer be allowed
    unrestricted access to the funds in their account. As soon
    as these companies (12dailypro included) complied with
    StormPay's demands and had removed all other payment
    processors, StormPay froze their accounts. These companies
    have now had their ability and right to function, do
    business and make payments to their members taken away.
    To further compound this matter, on February 6 2006
    StormPay took it upon themselves to take the law into their
    own hands and began "Charging Back" earnings paid out by
    these companies to their members. To further these actions
    StormPay emptied thousands of private citizens' StormPay
    accounts and initiated an avalanche of credit card charges
    and bank debits all under its own authority and without the
    knowledge, consent or approval of the account holders,
    citing its user agreement as justification for this theft.
    However, despite the many companies and private citizens
    affected, and the millions of dollars siezed by StormPay,
    why is it only 12dailypro that is being talked about in the
    news? Where's the news media's investigative reporting
    regarding what StormPay is doing to all of these companies
    and to millions of people around the world? This is not an
    isolated event affecting only 12 DailyPro's members. It is
    affecting people on a global scale and directly impacts
    everyone's right to and protection of their money.
    Our intent is not to slander StormPay, but only to offer
    questions about the story now in the news. If everyone were
    to contact the media regarding ABC's one-sided story, I
    believe news agencies would be more than happy to
    investigate and report the WHOLE truth!
    I can't begin to guess at the number of lawsuits and/or
    crimminal charges that StormPay will be facing when the
    smoke clears!
    Here are some links to PUBLIC information regarding
    StormPay's past behavior...
 -  link to another website
    that contains very interesting information regarding StormPay
    and NetIBA.  It is disturbing to note that both StormPay and
    NetIBA claim that NetIBA is an "INDEPENDENT 3rd Party
    verification system", when in fact they are registered by the
    same person, John R. McConnel Jr.
    What the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Middle Tennessee,
    Inc. has to say about StormPay.
    Click here for a BBB report regarding StormPay, dated February
    7, 2006.
    NOTE: According to the BBB's website, BBB reports may not
    be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. The above
    report is published in accordance with their rules.

    Click here for the Cease and Desist Order Against StormPay
    on August 7, 2003 for their operation of a "Ponzi" scheme.
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     ** 2nd Feature Article
    Just Give Them What They Want!

    I'm sure you won't disagree with this...

    The easiest way to make money in any business is to just
    give people what they want. I don't mean literally give it
    to them. I mean if you offer people what they want they WILL
    buy it from you.

    It's a simple formula that's been around since the beginning
    of time and it never fails. Why? Because if you're giving
    people what they want then you're simply the gatekeeper.
    You're just the person standing between them and whatever it
    is they want.

    You don't have to sell anything to people in this situation.
    In fact, they've already sold themselves. As long as the
    price is right you're guaranteed to make a profit.

    Let me tell you a little story to illustrate exactly what I

    I went to my first Washington Nationals Baseball game
    recently and it was a great experience. The weather was
    nice. The beer was cold. Most importantly, the National won.
    So, it was a good day.

    I notice a few things on this excursion that apply directly
    to the topic at hand. First, with the Nationals being such a
    new team, I noticed there was certainly a great deal of
    exhilaration in the air. Everyone was eager and excited to
    adopt this new team as there own. Second, I noticed that
    there was large number of booths selling Nationals
    paraphernalia. The booths were ready and waiting to give the
    fans exactly what they wanted.

    Guess the result?

    At EVERY booth I saw many fans adopting their new team by
    buying Nationals paraphernalia. It didn't mater if the booth
    was just a table with some hats on it or if the booth was an
    elaborate set up with everything from jerseys to baby
    bottles - ALL the booths had fans buying something from

    Why didn't matter how elaborate the "sales" format was?
    Because the fans new what they wanted and when they saw it
    they bought it. It's that simple. In fact, as I sit here
    writing to you I'm wearing a Nationals hat myself!

    So what are they takeaways?

    As long as you can find an audience that is hungry for what
    you have you can't fail to make money. Know who you're
    marketing to well enough to know what they want. Then just
    give it to them!

    Daegan Smith is the Author of "Internet MLM Success" - The
    Next Generation in Network Marketing! Learn the Secret to 
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