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 February 03, 2005
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** Quote of the Week!
A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his
--Balthasar Gracian
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 ** Feature Article
Keeping Your Edge Without Being On Edge
by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD.
Today's world seems to DEMAND attention, doesn't it? It can
be truly "in your face."
Headlines suggest that unless you're on the fast track
constantly, you'll soon be on the sidelines. Often, you
might get the feeling that you simply want to sideline
yourself to stop, breathe, and smell the flowers...but
there's always such pressure to keep running. How can you
create the balance that allows you to hone your competitive
edge in the marketplace without being on edge within?
You have chosen the things you have in your life. Whether
or not you think they were thrust upon you, you have
definitely chosen them or you would be doing something
else. Remember why you chose them. When you entered the
work world, what were your dreams? What prompted you to
enter the field you are in? What is it that feeds you
Why have you chosen the lifestyle you have? Are you in a
mutually supportive loving relationship? Are you wishing
you were? Perhaps you have some things that need to be
better worked out with your partner or your family. Why are
you in those relationships and how do they serve you? You
are there for a reason. Figure it out and decide whether or
not you value those reasons.
If children seem to be a pressure in your life, remember
why you chose to have them. What were your dreams when you
knew the first one was arriving? How did you want to feel?
What were you looking forward to? What did you want to give
to your children? You chose parenthood. (If you're thinking
that you did not, where was the birth control?) Remember
Are you choosing to take care of your health? Why? Why not?
It's a choice. Think about it.
Taking some quiet time to reflect on these items will help
you sort your priorities once again. It will serve to
remind you of what you value.
Everyone has a different energy level. There is no one
right schedule, amount of sleep or perfect diet. You only
know what is right for you. The question is "Do you pay
In this hurry-up, keep-up world, you may think that there
is a big 'should' in what is possible for you. Stop for a
few moments and ask yourself what is right for you. What
pace works? Where do you get your energy? Are you giving
yourself what you need to optimize your day? If so,
congratulate yourself. If not, re-think it.
A recent TV news story showed that the research was clear
that most people are
living in a state of sleep deprivation. Somehow, sleeping
is considered non-productive. Now, there's a demonstration
of how crooked our thinking has become. The news said that
most folks need an average of 8.6 hours of sleep. Are you
sleeping enough?
It is not news to you that you need to exercise in order to
have energy. Are you taking yourself for a walk most day?
Are you doing a little weight-training? At a minimum, are
you avoiding elevators in favor of the stairs and parking
far enough away from the stores that you do a little
walking? Enough said.
You do not need a diet book to tell you what comprises a
healthy diet—vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, breads,
dairy products, and small amounts of red meat. You know to
limit your fat intake to something reasonable—less than 30
grams per day. That's not news. What can be news is
treating yourself well by using this information for your
own good. That will affect how you feel at the end of the
Do you know the five most important things in your life?
The five things that are the most valuable, important and
significant to you? The five things that you would never
want to be without, such as your health, your family, your
traditions, your integrity? Good.
Now set aside some time and sit down with your calendar and
checking account for the past three months. Tally up the
hours and dollars spent on the five most important things
in your life. If you find that the number of hours and
dollars is not the most significant portion of your income,
one of two things is amiss. Either you don't value the
things you think you value, or, you don't demonstrate that
you value them by spending your time and money accordingly.
Quite a quick measure, isn't it?
I suggest that you make those five important things the
ones you say "yes" to before taking on anything else. That
way, you'll live in integrity with what you value.
Next step: know what your next goals are in each of those
areas. You know that you can "have it all" in life, you
just seldom can have it all at once. When children are
growing, they take time, attention, love, and care. It's
very difficult to provide that while wanting to create a
million-dollar career. One or the other may suffer. What is
important right now? Put those things first and plan for
the others.
Clarify your goals. Then ask yourself what you may have to
do to realize them. If there is even one thing on your list
that you would be unwilling to do, modify your goal. You
cannot achieve a goal if there is any unwillingness on your
part. This is a secret. Many folks fail to achieve their
goals for that very reason.
Make a plan to achieve your goals in tiny increments.
Another secret to success. Break your goals down into what
I call "TTDCs"—Teeny, Tiny, Doable Chunks™. Those are the
ones you'll actually accomplish. If the work seems
monumental, procrastination is likely. Chunk it down into
something you can accomplish in an hour. Then, each hour
spent will lead you to the goal. It's simple really. If you
find yourself resisting this, though, go back to point one
in this list...know why you're doing what you're doing.
There will be an answer for you there.
These three considerations will assist you in knowing where
you want to be in life and why. Your competitive edge is
simply creating by clarity of purpose and awareness what is
important to you. To compete actually comes from the Latin
word "competere," which means to come together, agree, and
be suitable. So often, we think that our competition is
outside ourselves. However, it's first internal. We need to
live in alignment and integrity.
Is your life "agreeing" with what is important, significant
and valuable to you? Spend some time with the ideas
presented for you here. This will help you hone your
competitive edge without losing your balance.
Article by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD. Dr. Shaler speaks, coaches
and conducts seminars for organizations who want to
motivate their people and entrepreneurs and individuals who
want the strategies to achieve their dreams. You can
subscribe to her three free e-zines at
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
      Here's To Think On ...
       by Ken Darby
My granddaughter and two of my daughters and I were
shopping at a very crowded local Mall one Saturday.
Though we were doing "back to school" shopping, I
saw a dress in a window display that I thought would
be lovely on one of my daughters, and proceeded to
tell her: "Oh Sweetie, look at this. This would be
darling on you."
Imagine my surprise and embarrassment ,when a
deep male voice replied: "Well hon, I really like the
color, but I don't think I can wear that style" Then he
smiled and went on his way.
My daughters were several feet behind me and I had
assumed they were the ones next to me. Now I make
sure whom I am speaking too, before I call
them "Sweetie"
Well, I don't know how many people float through their
days not fully aware of what is going on around them,
but its lots.
Ever get behind a driver who never looks in the rear
view mirror, or who indiscriminately changes lanes
without looking?
Think of the work those people do and how well
done it must be. Awareness is the number one
characteristic for successful growth, career advancement
and survival. Do not permit your mind to become
burdened by anything that will occupy your awareness
of who you are, where you are and what is going on
around you.
I know each of us slips once in a while, yet what I am
really getting at is that we are often given "messages"
from inside. If you are not aware of them you lose. They
can bring forth much benefit for you and should you
be preoccupied with other tasks you will miss them.
That is to say, nothing can replace your acute awareness
of your environment and what is going on. Too many
have learned that one split second of inattention can
cost even lives.
Ken Darby authors many articles found in newspapers
and magazines throughout North America

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