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 January 20, 2005

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** Quote of the Week!
Thornton Wilder:
Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread
around encouraging young things to grow.
from "The Matchmaker"
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 ** Feature Article
Start The New Year With A Fresh Perspective
By Eva Browne-Paterson -
It's that time of the year when many people make New Year's
resolutions. Did you make any yourself? You might or might
not have...
If you did, just think back to this time last year and
remember if you made any resolutions. Did you keep those
If you did keep them. Congratulations! If you didn't...
never mind -- it's a fact that many people don't keep their
New year's resolutions.
Why is that?
Was the resolution too hard, too big, even unrealistic
perhaps? Who knows?
All I know is that sometimes there are too many other
things cluttering up our heads and we need to 'clear the
desk' so to speak. This will enable us to start the year
with a fresh perspective and have more chances of success
in 2005.
Following are some tips that you can put into practise to
start the year off in the right frame of mind.
Archive Email
The archiving process makes your email data smaller in size
and runs quicker. Most email programs have an archive
function where you can select any email from say 3 months
ago back and archive it. Once that is done, you can always
open the archive file to look back at old email if
Check Subscriptions
If you have any subscriptions running through PayPal,
StormPay or another payment processor, just check them out
and make sure you are still making money with that program
- that they are self-liquidating. If they aren't, then
decide whether to cancel your subscription or to keep with
the program and plan an advertising campaign. It's always a
nice feeling to know you are saving yourself money when you
cancel a subscription that just isn't working out as you
had hoped.
Backup Files
Although you should be backing up your files at regular
intervals, we don't always do that. Especially around
Christmas time. Now is the time to burn last year's files
to CD or DVD and just keep the medium in your computer so
you can access it when necessary. Don't think that the cost
of a DVD burner is too high. I recently purchased one for
around $80 which is quite reasonable considering it holds
around 5GB of data. Once you have burned the important
files, consider deleting them from your hard drive to
create more space.
After backing up, it's always a good idea to run Disk
Defragmenter from the System Tools folder in the Start
Menu. This will tidy your computer up and possibly make it
run a little faster as well.
Check Ezine Subscriptions
If you're subscribed to a large number of ezines, you will
know the ones that you enjoy reading and the ones that you
don't read. If you aren't getting the information that you
subscribed for in the first place, cancel your subscription
by clicking on the remove link at the bottom of any email
you receive from the publisher. Of course if you subscribe
to many ezines so you can post free classified ads, ignore
this tip!
Check Program Subscriptions
Do you receive a ton of email from particular programs that
you don't ever read? If you do, try logging into the
program and see if you can change the email options so you
don't receive email. Of course this doesn't apply to
programs that you need to remain informed about. ;-)
Eradicate Negativity
Do you have particular influences onlines that are negative
and cheese you off sometimes? That's easy fixed and let's
face it -- who need's it? Either blacklist their email
address or ban them in your messenger program. Done!
Make Plans
NOW that all that is done and clear... You can sit down and
carry out the following important steps.
1. Write down your goals and objective for the year. (Don't
be afraid to aim big either). Use positive affirmation in a
sentence, eg. "I will increase my opt-in list to 20,000 by
June." or "I will make an extra $20,000 in profits by
2. Write down HOW you will achieve these goals (the real
guts of the plan) and give yourself a realistic time limit.
3. Display the list in a prominent place so you can see it
from your computer.
If you follow these simple steps, you will find that they
work much more effectively than by voicing a resolution at
New Years. In fact, it can work ANY time of the year.
All the best to you for 2005.
About the Author:
Eva Browne-Paterson published EvieB's New-Z, where you can
advertise to 64,000 per week. http://www.evieb.com You can
also save on essential business tools by joining her new
program, CashCocktail for free: http://www.cashcocktail.com
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 ** 2nd Feature Article
Why Am I A Home Based Entrepreneur?
by Yank Elliott, MBA and IAHBE Staff Writer
"It's the money, silly!"
That's the basic reason anyone goes to the trouble of
organizing and running any kind of commercial enterprise.
Even charitable and non-profit organizations exist to make
money to spend on their humanitarian or other efforts.
This begs the question "What am I going to do with the
money I make?"
Every MLM or Network Marketing course I've seen has a lot
say about determining why you want to be in this business.
The reasons always include extra money, a new home, a new
automobile, a boat, a fabulous vacation, freedom from
financial worries, and any other material benefit one can
imagine. These ideas would seem to drive almost anyone into
one of these businesses. They all fit the concept of "It's
the money, stupid!" But these beliefs overlook a basic
principle of business success.
About 2,000 years ago it was written in Acts 20:35 that
Paul told people "to remember the words of the Lord Jesus,
how he said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
A possible meaning of this is that the giver, if the gift
is given in the right spirit, will receive more than they
This is a common trait among millionaires: they have a
regular program of giving and they teach their children to
do this as well. John D. Rockefeller was one of the
wealthiest and most powerful men in recent times. He
imparted the idea to his children and grandchildren that
10% of their allowance should be given away to repay
society for success.
Joe Vitale discusses the concept of giving as a way to
enrich one's personal and business life, perhaps in ways
other than financial rewards. His idea of anonymous giving
just for the feeling of helping others is dynamic. Joe's
book, The Greatest Money-Making Secret In History!,
develops the idea of the real benefit from giving derives
from not feeling the gift is an obligation. Many feel
tithing in the biblical sense is something they owe, not
something they just want to do because they enjoy it..
The idea of helping those less fortunate is deeply
ingrained in American culture. How significant is evidenced
by the fact that Americans gave, in 2003, 2.2% of the
country's gross national product. That amounted to almost
$241 billion. This money enabled non-profit charities to do
many things for people needing help and brought untold
blessings of whatever nature to the givers.
A CBS News report quotes a Yale Law School professor as
saying giving and philanthropy are significant parts of
American life. The professor further said, "Americans
aren't generous because we're rich, we're rich because
we're generous."
Because generosity is so ingrained in all of us, why should
that not be a significant reason for wanting to succeed and
make money from our businesses?
It is also said that "charity begins at home". A successful
home based business can enable you to do just that.
Consider how you might use your extra earnings to provide
for those you love:
Because you can now pay your bills your stress level is
Your mental and physical health improves.
Family members and others close to you appreciate your new
happy feelings because you can give them your willing
attention without distractions caused by financial
More money provides better health care for your family.
Advanced education for your children is assured.
You have more quality family time because you aren't tied
to your work all the time.
The joy of being with your children and all their
activities while they grow up will repay every effort you
may have exerted to make your home based business succeed.
The ability to see your child perform in some unscheduled
activity on the spur of the moment is priceless.
Over time your business can provide the means to help your
family members start their own businesses or other
activities. Another serious life event your home based
business can help is retirement. In May, 2004, Merrill
Lynch released a survey showing that most Americans only
have savings averaging about $51,000. Even worse is the
finding of the Employee Benefit Research Institute in
Washington, D.C. that 45% of all workers have less than
$25,000 saved for retirement.
Less than $25,000!
Many experts say with today's life expectancy over 77 years
a person needs 10 to 20 times their current annual income
for retirement. If you are making $50,000 annually you will
need $500,000, to $1 million.
An article on the Louisville Courier-Journal.com Website
quotes Ben Stein as recommending young people immediately
begin saving 10% of income for retirement. The older you
are when you start the more you need to save.
CBS News, in an article on their Website April 21, 2004,
quotes Stein as saying that even if people save, they put
it all in one basket, and that basket may have a hole in
it. There are probably very few people who enjoy managing
their investments even if they have them.
With income from investments people are able to indulge in
things that really fulfill their lives and give great
happiness not only to themselves but to many others. Money
allows you to give to your favorite charities, buy food for
starving people, fund projects like Habitat for Humanity
and a host of other feel good things.
One of the best ideas for your money is to help people in
need even when there is no tax deduction available. You
just see an individual needing help and you directly help
them without going through any eligible charity.
Isn't that a great thing to do? Imagine the wonderful
feeling inside!
I'm an incurable optimist and I believe in the Tooth Fairy.
But many people may feel it's impossible to get in such a
position of financial freedom. Isn't this what we are told
from earliest childhood?
Forget that. In Create Your Own Luck, Azriela Jaffe
explores eight principles that tend to attract good fortune
in every aspect of daily existence. Pay attention to these
ideas to get into a positive attitude that says you can do
many things you always thought to be impossible.
The first step in influencing what happens to you (your
luck) is the title of Chapter 2, "Ask for What You Want and
Be Willing to Work to Get It!" An important Luck Builder is
entitled "Expect Good Luck" and quotes Laurie Beth Jones:
"Expectation carves a path for the universe to come to your
door. In so doing, it becomes prophetic, helping to create
the future."
I recommend the use of one's luck as a valid tool to help
with your business, your personal life, and your daily
relationships. Your attitude will become much more positive
when you recognize there is a possibility to influence
events and circumstances that often seen beyond control.
In The Richest Man In Babylon, there is a list of Seven
Simple Rules to Acquire Money. No. 6 says "Insure a future
income" and No. 7 is "Increase thy ability to earn."
Ancient Babylon was the richest and most powerful city of
its time; all will do well to heed what the ancients did.
There are many avenues for the home-based entrepreneur
using the Internet to execute Nos. 6 and 7. A business
started as a sideline to one's regular occupation can
become a significant extra income stream as a diversified
investment. These are real businesses and require some time
to mature; they require some effort as well.
If properly used they will "Ensure a future income" and
"Increase thy ability to earn."
Consider this:
Using your IAHBE subscription as your base product as well
as promoting the many other SFI items you can have a going
business in no time using not much money. Here's what it
might cost to build such a business:
Monthly subscription: $29.95 Leads: 100-200 for about $150
(price varies with quality) Autoresponder: $18 and up
Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Promotion: $100 (as much as you
can afford) Website: (Free from SFI) Redirect URL: (Free
from Active.ws http://www.active.ws/domains/)
Total monthly cost: $297.95 (Let's call it $300) Annual
cost: $3,600
Isn't this close to the 10% Ben Stein advocates? It's also
a diversified investment.
You only need to sell 10 IAHBE subscriptions to cover your
cost; when you achieve this breakeven amount you should
begin to significantly make more than this. One reason is
you will have some of your subscribers working with you in
their own businesses.
What if you made $1,000 a month? That's $12,000 annually
with a cost of only $3,600. Your profit is $8,400. And you
may make much more.
You could also do this with just your $29.95 IAHBE
subscription and your free SFI Website. Many people have
figured how to generate traffic for free. It's certainly
possible, so try it if you are very short of money.
Here's the point. We're all entrepreneurs for the money,
silly. The money lets us do things that make life worth
Vitale, Joe. The Greatest Money-Making Secret In History!.
1st Books, 2003.
Charitable Giving in the United States, 2003
CBS News - Ben Stein's Financial Rules - April 21, 2004
Clason, George S. The Richest Man In Babylon. Signet, 1988.
Jaffe, Azriela. Create Your Own Luck. Adams Media
Corporation, 2000.
Yank Elliott.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Yank is a home-based entrepreneur and freelance business
writer living in Hurricane Alley, North Carolina, USA. His
Website is http://www.furriwhalesworld.com. Contact Yank at

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