Ok, I thought I might publish my ezine here each week... however, it seems to be longer than I wanted. So, I will just put the url to each week's issue.

Another thought... I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning and wondered... Which gender (male or female) is more likely to scam people? My thought is male. How about you? Let me know and I'll publish the results of this poll.

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Welcome to all - current and new - subscribers to The 24 Karat
Marketer! Thank you for subscribing to our ezine.

I am having a special... yes, another one. lol This week's will be
purchase my ebook library for ONLY $12.95 (I must be nuts!) and
receive a fre*e solo ad! You can find this at

Also, if anyone has a testimonial that they would like to submit about
us, you can send it to me at
and I will place it on my upcoming 'testimonials' page. Perfect way to
advertise yourself :).

Thank you!

Your friendly neighborhood publisher,
Michelle Hoffmann
CEO - DL&M Marketing & Advertising Services

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