pinterestChildren, parents, religious people, celebrities, and even high-profile executives use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, a virtual pin-board type of social network, is a relatively new site but is currently generating 100 million visits a month, beating out the established sites like LinkedIn and Google+.

Many business owners are already incorporating Facebook and Twitter into their marketing strategy. Do they really need another site like Pinterest too?

The answer is a surprising YES! It's all about the potential visitors coming in from one site, and with the rate of PInterest's 100 million visitors a month, who wouldn't want a piece of that cake?

Social networking sites may be new to the business world, but their impact on any business' marketing strategy is bigger than traditional media advertising.

So, how can business owners make Pinterest work for them?

1 - Creative photos are your weapons-- Creative photos are your key to success when it comes to generating visitors for your profiles. The more people re-pin your photos, the wider your business' reach will be.

2 - Verify your business profile-- Business owners who create Pinterest profiles can enjoy the status of "verified Pinterest Business User", as long as the business has its own website. With this status, you can take a look at the vital analytics that will enable you to develop a working marketing strategy with Pinterest.

3 - Make use of creative filenames and descriptions-- Pinterest relies on creativity as a means to make users interact with one another. You can't upload your business logo with a filename "adasdas.jpg".  The name is just not relevant to your business. If you're going to upload your logo, make sure the file has your business name or that your description contains relevant information or content about your business.

You can also integrate your social media profiles into Pinterest to make an almose seamless social networking strategy -- Pinterest will allow you to sync your posts and profile to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, so take advantage of this integrative feature.


Michelle Hoffmann is the owner, editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine –, an online publication that is dedicated to helping marketers, new and experienced, succeed in their online businesses.   She is also a mother, writer, photographer, web designer and student of nature.  Yes, she does it all!


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