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This article provides 3 easy ways to build a profitable opt in list. Everyone who runs their own business needs some way of staying in touch with their customers and prospective clients.
With the vast majority of people worldwide having their own email address, one of the most viable, cost-effective solutions is list building. You can quickly and easily follow up to communicate and offer your various services and offers.
Building your own email list should be the number one focus for your online business, now and always.
Here are 3 easy ways to build a profitable opt in list:

1. The traditional way - Build up an audience through the creation of useful content, blogging, posting on other sites as a guest, and best practice SEO application techniques. You then must keep this up on a regular basis for it to be effective over time.
Method 1 is easy, but it does take some time and lots of effort.
2. Build your personal brand to create complete trust - Know your chosen niche to ensure potential customers can trust you.
Provide your expert advice on forums.
Let's face it, the only way to earn money is when your customers and subscribers truly trust and believe in your brand.
3. Find a desirable product or service that others will be wanting and needing. Provide a quality product or service that you know and understand fully. If you choose the right product or service, it can become dual purpose. You could use it, sell it, or simply give it to your subscribers as soon as they opt in to your email list.
I have actually been using all three of these methods and am now having the most success by employing method 3.
I am involved in the "make money online" niche market and use a system that works extremely well for me.
So, if you're one of the strugglers relentlessly trying to make money online, I'd guess you don't have a system or a team helping you to become successful. The key to success with any online business is a legitimate system that is proven to bring results. You also need to find an expert mentor willing to share their success with you.
Most important of all, you need to be willing to take action and follow instructions. There will be times you feel like giving up, but all I can say is "never give up."
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