By Frances Elvey

To be sure, video marketing is a proven method to generate high quality traffic to what ever you are promoting. Google seems to be doing things with videos in their serps, but video is still very powerful when it comes to delivering a high impact marketing message. It is just a fact that video is powerful and people crave it for delivering any kind of information. If you aren't taking advantage of videos as an Internet marketer then you're losing on an opportunity. What follows in the rest of this article are some video marketing optimizing approaches that flat-out work.

People will make an instant decision about your video when they see the thumbnail image you present. You want to stop people in their tracks with your great thumbnail images. It is not much to go on, but whether or not your thumbnail looks interesting to people will decide the fate of your video.

It's a simple thing but can increase the click through rate to your videos. If you use an image, for your thumbnail, that is totally unrelated to your video, then your overall conversions will suffer mightily. Be honest in your approach and let your target audience do the rest. 2) One of the most important video optimization tips is to have high quality content that your viewers would love. If your videos appreciate the content you're giving them, they'll naturally want to visit your website to find out more about you. When people view videos, they want high quality content that benefits them in some way. You can't expect low quality videos to get a high number of views or get shared around the web. Quality matters here more than quantity, so make sure you're putting enough effort into it. Even if you have a hundred videos online it won't give any results unless each one of them offers something of value to the viewer.

Then of course do not forget to bookmark your videos or upload them to accounts you have. This is part of your overall video marketing plan and should be done. This step is also very easy to do, but a little tedious and time consuming, but it will help you so don't skip it. You really should take the time to choose the main sites that are potentially worth your time. Eventually, it's completely up to you as to how much effort you put into making your videos work. You can do video marketing right or wrong, but if you do it right you will like the results. There really is no excuse for getting this wrong only because it is so easy to do. Nothing motivates like success, and when you begin realizing your own then nothing will stop you. It does take a little time before you see any concrete results but in the end, what really matters is that you're taking consistent action.

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